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Switchfoot – ‘Where The Light Shines Through’ album review

click to buy on Amazon Ten albums in, Switchfoot ’s aim is sharper than ever. The San Diego-based band’s newest album, Where The Light Shines Through , shows off a veteran acumen in both Jon Foreman ’s straight-to-the-heart lyrical approach and their stellar alt-rock sensibilities. For a band already celebrated for providing fans with the whole package time and again, it’s a testament to the band’s talent and discipline that they continue to burn so brightly twenty years after they started. Up-tempo cuts like “Holy Water” and “If The House Burns Down Tonight” should be live favorites. The title track spins the story on the scars we all bear. Then there’s the potent “Looking for America,” a track featuring Lecrae that asks a series of serious questions. Altogether, these twelve songs form another very fine effort from a band that’s rocking their prime.

Keith & Kristyn Getty – ‘Facing A Task Unfinished’ album review

click to buy on Amazon Encompassing a sound of global praise, Keith & Kristyn Getty (Northern Ireland) release Facing A Task Unfinished , inspired by the Frank Houghton hymn penned in 1931 of the same name. Facing persecution as a worker for China Inland Mission (now OMF International ), Houghton wrote the song “with the belief that God’s people singing together fueled mission.” Within that same spirit, the chants of Ladysmith Black Mambazo on “Children Come,” the tribal beats of “May The Peoples Praise You” and “For The Cause,” and the congregational singing throughout the album weave a tapestry of worship that would motivate the heart of any believer to fan the flame for Christ. This is a special album that bears further proof of the unending power of the hymn.

Starflyer 59 – ‘Slow’ album review

click to buy on Amazon Long before indie rock was “in,” Starflyer 59 was carefully sculpting the genre with ethereal, left of the dial experiments that captivated an entire generation (or at least those in the know). On the band’s fourteenth studio album , the Jason Martin -led act not only returns to Tooth & Nail Records , but also turns in another textbook batch of its lo-fi atmospheres and melodic textures that could fit right in alongside any current band on Pitchfork ’s tastemaking playlists. Lyrically speaking, the guys sound older, wiser and at their most reflective, sure to be another sticking point for their extremely dedicated fan base and also a thought-provoking entry point for the hipster kids coming up.

Grace Period by ApologetiX – Amazing Album Period

THIS REVIEW IS ADAPTED FROM A REVIEW I POSTED ON MY WEBSITE. TO CHECK OUT MY REVIEW OF APOLOGETIX’S ALBUMS FROM 1997 TO 2007, CLICK HERE! It’s amazing to think that we are saved by grace—period. And we all have a grace period to accept his gift of grace. And I love how ApologetiX hammers this point in this album! The rocker “Corinthians” starts the album and reminds us about love. And isn’t what grace stems from—love? And we see that God allowed us Gentiles to believe in him in the song “Cornelius,” and

Legend Shirley Caesar Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

6.29.16 – Photos inside the article…

Kirk Franklin Wins Third BET Award

6.28.16 – and headlines Genius Talk during weekend…

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Beyond Control by Kings Kaleidoscope – I love this point in replica handbags sale season

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Everything Glorious by Passion Worship Band – That, in turn, could hurt ray ban outlet sale

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PIECES by Trisha Alicia – That’s important when looking for your first designer replica handbags.

Your first big-ticket bag purchase are fendi replica handbags step and really signals a new stage in your life, and I’m so happy you came to us for help. I love the bags you picked and how different each one is; it helps me to give you a rundown on each and share why each would work or not work for you. It’s wise to find a bag you can carry all week and transition it to the weekend, as well; that’s important when looking for your first designer replica handbags. I’ve seen each of these bags in

The Big Picture Tour Video by Michael W. Smith – No cheap football shirts, No cheap air max shoes

No cheap football shirts, No cheap air max shoes. A tabloid reported that police in the UK were banning England football jerseys from pubs and clubs, but the rumor is several years old and unsupported. I heard today that the police are going around pubs and clubs saying that we cant wear our England tops for the football and we have to take the flags down as its upsetting immigrants that don’t come from here! Now I’m not racist, but this is going too far! Would you remove your turban and gucci replica because it upsets me. We

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Specifically designed for underwater activity, diver replique montres in a modern era have surpassed the technology of traditional underwater timepieces, combining appealing aesthetics with functionality. Traditionally, diver watches have a water resistance of 200-300m and are specifically designed for aquatic use. With classic designs and highly technological features, this type of longines replica watchs are anything but limiting or difficult to wear.

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