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Rhett Walker Band Joins GMA’s Dove Award New Artist Showcase

10.23.14 – Oct. 28…


I’ll Lead You Home by Michael W. Smith – I’ll lead you home

Danny Miller hope you will be able to read this!!!!!!!!!!Because your incoming song from MWS is on this album……………….Straight to the heart.And I loved it to, you would then speak out Proverbs 3:5-6 and up to now it is so stuck in my head. Anyways, after listening to Danny Miller for so long on Radio Christain Voice, I then managed to get myself this album and I tell you, you will never be disappointed. With songs other songs like, cry for love, angels unaware, breathe in me and The other side of me.  One


Christmas by Michael W. Smith – Christmas

Well what can I say. The album was a christmas album but it can also be classified as a worship album, why? because it just leads to worship. Our church ABC loves angus dei and I tell you we still sing this song up today. I remember when one of my sister-in-law joined our church, she was like “you guys are a little MWS of your own, because your praise and worship pratically just sings MWS songs”


VIP by Manic Drive – Hitting Their Stride

If you want to talk about a band that has run the creative gauntlet, look no further than Manic Drive. Having formerly dabbled in aggressive rock tunes back in their early days as teens in Toronto, Canada, the band made a radical transition with their breakout album Blue, which shifted away from their rock roots and into more progressive pop territory. Several years and bridge album Epic later, the band, comprised of brothers Shawn and Michael Cavallo and their lifelong friend Anthony Moreino, are now a full fledged pop act. The group channels the sounds


Live The Life by Michael W. Smith – Live the life

The album is …………………… the ending track is just perfect from looking for a missing person to showing who really cares for us and then finding a friend in the Lord and finally meeting on the other side. Love it. The song for rich is just so touching, as I personally loved Rich Mullins’ music as well.  We should definitely live the life for the Lord.


This Is Your Time by Michael W. Smith – This is your time

If I tell you that my dad loved This is your time (Reprise) and is still his ringing tone on his cell up to now! I loved this album as well. A lot of my work colleagues would request for the album after listening to the latter. I did shock them when I told them that this was gospel saved music

Change Your World by Michael W. Smith – Change Your world

This is a classic album from here Friends and I will be here for you were so much aired even on Radio Christain voice. Loved the songs so much. This album changed the world for real got to know that Jesus is the only friend of all and if you have a friend who does not know him then the friendship is very tricky.


Worship by Michael W. Smith – Worship

The begining of worship full time, kkkkkkkkkkk. My oh my all the worship songs that I and my chrch love to sing. I would want to say at this point in time. Thank you very much for coming to Zimbabwe and blessing us with these worship songs. I remember asking you to come over to Zimbabwe.


Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith – Healing Rain

The 11 tracks are just amazing, if you first listen to this album and do not know MWS, you will not even guess that it is him. The reasion is because it has a bit of rock to it as compared to the current albums which have diverted to more of worship. I believe his background and where he was coming from inspired his music. I totally love it because it is speaking truth and what will be seen in the future


Worship Again by Michael W. Smith – Worship Again

Another great worship album release as we worship again! From Anciet words to You are holy (Prince of Peace). MWS this album is also amazing. May we totally worship God with our all, for there is none like him for real.

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