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It’s Pronounced Five-Two by KJ-52 – More Crazy Fun/ny Music and Messages

Love this fun to listen to rap album! More extremely fun/ny (and kinda crazy) tracks like Cartoon Network, Ya Bref Stank, and Gimme Dat, tracks about serious issues like Don’t Go, Check Yourself, and #1 Fan, and inspirational tracks like So In Love With You, Rock On and Pick Yourself Up, I Feel So Good. This CD has overall a bit more upbeat tempo, more background music, and more personal info about KJ (like the title track) than Collaborations; but it’s still more awesome, super-creative-with-a-message rap music from KJ!


Crave by for KING & COUNTRY – A truly great album

This was a terrific album by For king and Country. It shocked me a little because I wasn’t used to Christian music like this. It’s full of passion, despair, love. This is truly an amazing album. I reccomend it for any Christian music lover


Eye’m All Mixed Up by tobyMac – Eye’m Lovin’ It

When it comes to Christian pop music, there are not many names (if any) more iconic than TobyMac. Over the past 25 years or so, TobyMac has been the face of CCM, constantly pushing its limits both with DC Talk and his solo work. He has shown no signs of stopping either, with the 2012 release Eye On It peaking at number one on the Billboard 200 (only the third Christian album ever to do so).


Back to the Start by Martin Smith – Taking" Listeners Back to the Start

For those of you who may not remember Delirious?, here’s a quick refresher: they were a major CCM player of the 90s and early 2000s, giving us hits like “Majesty.” A British pop/rock band for the Christian market was quite the recipe for leaving a permanent mark. When they broke up, many may have thought that that would close the book on that legendary sound. But lead singer Martin Smith kept on writing and recording.


Rise by Skillet – Is this really about God?

Skillet really impressed me with Comatose and Awake. I really felt that they were doing it for God. With Rise it’s different. In every Christian rock song I listen to I ask myself Is it really about Jesus.The album Awake I could believe that they were singing for God, but this album is ridiculous. Sick of it is just a complete hard rock song that has nothing to do with God


Collaborations by KJ-52 – My Awesome introduction to KJ’s music

Ranging from hysterically fun/ny and creative tracks like Nursery Rhymes, Revenge of the Nerds, and Coke, Fry, and a Cheeseburger (hidden last track), to wiser tracks that make a point and really talk and think about serious issues like Wait For You, Industry, and Where Were You, to songs in between those that inspire like Rise Up and Do That, this CD is surprisingly diverse for a rap album (some are straight rap with nothing but a beat, others have music, some have a bit of rock mixed in), and its definitely all around awesome. I think this was


Welcome to the New by MercyMe – I wasn’t impressed

I have been a fan of Mercyme for many years. I really liked their last album The Hurt and the Healer.To me this is a step backwards. As soon as I heard “Shake” I knew the album wasn’t going to be very good.I really didn’t like the Jazz feel for the whole album.

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