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Jordan Feliz – From Parking Cars to Rising Star

In the two years since Jordan Feliz moved to Nashville, he ’s become Christian music ’s next big thing Jordan Feliz was just a kid when he and his dad were cruising down State Route 168 in Clovis, California. From the passenger seat, Feliz began to reflect on his current gig: leading worship for the youth group at his church. And that’s when it happened—a clear calling from God. “I remember thinking about how much fulfillment I was getting from being able to lead people and to utilize a song to inspire people to worship God,” Feliz recalls. “I just remember [the Lord] literally saying, ‘This is what you’re going to do.’ That was it… And from that moment, I think it just lit a fire in me… I feel like that was the moment I felt called to it, and it’s still one of the most significant God-moments I’ve ever had in my life.” To look at Feliz now, you’d never know the road from teenage calling to Christian pop sensation was anything but smooth. After all, Feliz, 27, seems like an overnight success. His story feels like the stuff dreams are made of. And, in many ways, it is. A chance encounter with Jennifer Deibler , from ’90s Christian pop group FFH , led to some of his songs being passed to Centricity Music , who quickly signed Feliz and worked with him to craft his debut EP, Beloved


JJ Weeks Band – ‘He’s on our side’

CCM Magazine sits down with JJ Weeks of Centricity’s newest hit, the JJ Weeks Band Talking to front man JJ Weeks of his eponymous JJ Weeks Band can be as easy as sipping on sweet tea with your best friend on the front porch during a warm summer day. Their rise has seemingly been just as effortless. With the debut of their first national release in 2013, the group earned a Top 10 single with “Let Them See You,” and the song stayed on the chart for more than half the year. Since their entry to the national scene, they’ve garnered the opportunity to share the stage with acts like MercyMe and Casting Crowns , to name a few, and have enjoyed their music featured in film soundtracks to God’s Not Dead and Four Blood Moons . However, the guys from Georgia have remained true to seeking God in everything they do along this journey—despite the apparent brevity in the limelight. Their latest opportunity manifests itself in their most recent album, As Long As We Can Breathe ( Centricity Music , April 8, 2016). Additionally, they have stuck close to their homegrown formula of easy honesty paired with powerful vocals and hooks. We jumped at the chance to chat with their easy-going leader, JJ Weeks. CCM Magazine : You’ve gone from worship leader in a church in Georgia to having your songs played on national radio in just a matter of a few years—did you see this coming?


Seth Mosley – Cannonballs & U-Hauls

Many artists make the move to Nashville at the speed of sound, some travel in circles to know where they’re headed. In an ongoing feature profile, CCM Magazine shares a snippet from Seth Mosley’s Big Bang Moment as part of his popular Full Circle Music Show podcast photo: Celi Mosley Media When songwriter and producer, Seth Mosley , arrived in Nashville eight years ago he was ready to take the town by storm…as an artist. Although, a long stretch highway, a rickety van and new opportunities helped him make a change that would alter his original plans, and move him into path that has still allowed him to dominate Music City. Seth and his band mates arrived in Nashville in 2008 as the Christian pop-rock trio Me In Motion . Several years of “living the dream” and touring around the world began to take its toll. As he played hundreds of gigs and racked up miles of interstate he continued working his trade of not only fronting a band, but also songwriting and production. His band was trending upwards, but he wasn’t happy with his lifestyle.

Jordan Feliz – ‘The River’ album review

Central California native turned Nashville transplant Jordan Feliz first logged time as front man for mainstream rockers A Current Affair , followed by a worship leader position, though he appears most at home as a soulful pop solo artist. After debuting to Christian music fans with last year’s Beloved , the singer/songwriter turns in his first official full-length The River , which flows with even greater musical confidence and compelling lyrics of redemption. In addition to making classic ‘70s vinyl influences sound completely new again thanks to bursting production, Feliz has the potential to impact listeners from any virtually any faith background given his infectiousness and all around authenticity.

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