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David Bowie Unveils Seven-Minute Jazz Epic ‘Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)’

David Bowie’s “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime),” taken from the Thin White Duke’s upcoming greatest hits compilation  Nothing Has Changed , premiered Sunday on BBC Music 6. Spanning nearly seven-and-a-half minutes, this horns-heavy epic is Bowie’s most jazz-influenced track since the Aladdin Sane era, while the vocal delivery and disjointed lyrics are reminiscent of singer Scott Walker, of whom Bowie once said “He’s been my idol since I was a kid.” This new song, Bowie’s first track since ending his long hiatus last year with his excellent comeback LP  The Next Day  and its follow-up EP The Next Day Extra , was produced by Bowie’s longtime collaborator Tony Visconti and features New York’s Maria Schneider Orchestra. 20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)” is one of the unreleased tracks that will accompany Bowie’s Nothing Has Changed , a three-disc collection of Bowie’s best presented in reverse chronological order, from 2013’s The Next Day to his 1964 Davie Jones and the King Bees single “Liza Jane.” The comp also boasts “Let Me Sleep Beside You,” “Shadow Man” and “Your Turn to Drive,” three tracks from the singer’s abandoned 2001 album Toy . “Sue” was recorded specifically for the compilation. Nothing Has Changed , both a play on Bowie’s essential Changesonebowie greatest hits collection and a lyric from Heathen ‘s “Sunday,” is out on November 17th.

‘David Bowie Is’ Incredible: Inside the Enigmatic Star’s New Retrospective

Over his multi-dimensional, culture-encompassing five-decade career, David Bowie has proved himself many things: glamorous rock star, sultry singer, boundary-pushing performance artist, sexual icon. But upon experiencing David Bowie Is – the massive delight of a retrospective art exhibition on Bowie that opens in the U.S. today at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago – one walks away with a perhaps unexpected conclusion: Bowie was, well, a bit of a hoarder. 20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know Yes, the Thin White Duke – thanks in large part to employing a full-time archivist – has held onto what seems like nearly every artifact accumulated over his career.

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