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They Might Be Giants Resurrect Dial-A-Song in 2015

They Might Be Giants’ innovative Dial-A-Song scheme back in the early-Eighties helped land the cult indie rock band a record deal. By dialing a mysterious phone number found in the back pages of the Village Voice , callers would be introduced to a new TMBG track every day. Over the course of Dial-A-Song’s existence, They Might Be Giants pumped hundreds of new tracks into the project before the phone line was finally disconnected in 2006. Related: They Might Be Giants’ “Flood”: Track by Track Guide to the Geek-Chic Breakthrough In 2015, the Flood band will bring back their Dial-A-Song through much more updated means: In addition to the resurrected old school method – the new phone number is (844) 387-6962; call now to hear their country-western-influenced “I Wasn’t Listening” – the project will also feature their long-running Dial-A-Song website that hosts a new track every week, an email subscription service, their constantly updated YouTube page and a 100-station-strong Dial-A-Song Radio Network that will broadcast They Might Be Giants throughout the week

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