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Read Conan O’Brien’s Rejected Prince Episode for ‘Simpsons’

Following Prince ‘s sudden death last week, The Simpsons ‘ showrunner Al Jean has shared screencaps from an episode of the animated show with a part written for Prince that the singer rejected. Conan O’Brien helped work on the script for “The Prince Episode,” which would have run during the series’ fifth season. Watch Prince’s All-Star ‘SNL 40’ After Party Performance Unearthing the script began when an Australian music site titled wrote about the fabled Prince episode of The Simpsons , a story told over the years by various writers. The premise of the show, which has never been produced, was to follow up the Season Three episode “Stark Raving Dad,” where Homer Simpson is sent to an insane asylum where he meets a man named Leon Kompowsky. The inmate believes he is Michael Jackson and is even voiced by Jackson, who used the pseudonym John Jay Smith. The successful episode for the then-fledgling show was to be done once more with the return of Leon who now believes himself to be Prince. Jean responded to TheMusic’s story by confirming that the way it had been told by writer Mike Reiss on DVD commentary for the season was the accurate version: the script’s original draft was written by Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk based on an idea by Jim Brooks with uncredited rewrite by O’Brien.

Fred Armisen on Directing Music Videos, Why He Loves Red Hot Chili Peppers

As a drummer, comedian and ace musical satirist ,  Fred Armisen is a natural fit for directing music videos. But the new clip he helmed for Swedish indie-pop artist El Perro del Mar, which accompanies her dreamy cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik favorite “Breaking the Girl,” is more sweet than silly. The video, premiering below, starts out as a straightforward document of the mundane lives of L.A. parking attendants, then takes a turn for the bizarre when Armisen himself shows up in a valet’s uniform. Attempting to return a customer’s key, he journeys all the way to Iceland. Inside Bill Hader and Fred Armisen’s Soft-Rock Supergroup Armisen is currently having a moment as a video director: He also recently directed a  clip for Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex’s “Mountain.” The comedian is a longtime fan of El Perro del Mar, the musical alias of Sarah Assbring, and she tapped him to oversee her latest video. While “Breaking the Girl” hasn’t yet appeared on an El Perro del Mar album, it’s a song that’s very special to Assbring. “There’s something in my heart that hurts every time I hear it, and it reminds me of my first true love,” she says of the RHCP classic

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