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Little Big Town Debuts New Song With Help From the Roots

Little Big Town may have wished they could “Stay All Night” when they visited Jimmy Fallon and performed on the  Tonight Show this week, but they certainly made an impression with the time they had. The group, whose newest record,  Pain Killer , debuted this week at Number Three on the country albums chart, was joined by Tonight Show  house band the Roots for a beefed-up version of album highlight “Stay All Night.” The performance included what may be a first for country music on TV: a tuba! Little Big Town Offer Provocative Pill on LP ‘Pain Killer’ The unexpected is par for Little Big Town’s course, however, especially when it comes to working with their  Pain Killer  producer, Jay Joyce. “Jay brings wildness,” Karen Fairchild recently told  Rolling Stone Country  of the man who has also helmed acclaimed albums by Eric Church and the Wallflowers. “He’s such a creative guy and he likes to see if we can pull one over on ourselves again: Can we do it better than we did last time?

Hear Nas’ J Dilla–Sampling New Song ‘The Season’

Earlier this week, Nas crashed a Run the Jewels listening party to play fans his latest single, “The Season.” Now the rapper has shared the smoothly soulful song online, making it available to stream below and download. Nas: My Life in 20 Songs After months of promoting the 20th anniversary edition of his breakthrough debut, Illmatic , and the documentary, Time Is Illmatic , Nas has been spending his time crafting his next record with producers Timbaland, Swizz Beats and No I.D. The rapper has yet to announce a release date for the album. Midway into “The Season,” which may or may not appear on the LP, the track finds the rapper bragging, “Hands in the air, the season of Nasir,” as well as “This soulful sample complements my rhyme so well,” which draws attention to the work of deceased producer J Dilla

Carrie Underwood Reveals Songs on Double Disc ‘Greatest Hits’

Carrie Underwood wraps up 10 spectacularly successful years in one neat little package with the December 9th release of Greatest Hits: Decade #1. The 25-track collection will features four tracks in never-before-released renditions and also includes two new songs, “Little Toy Guns” (penned by the singer with Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey) and “Something in the Water,” which is already a Top Ten hit for the superstar entertainer. See the complete track listing below. Hear Carrie Underwood’s Soaring, Spiritual New Single The 2005 American Idol champ, Underwood has earned 18 Number One singles (half of which she co-wrote) and sold in excess of 64 million records globally. A two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year (and the first female artist so honored), Underwood joined the Grand Ole Opry in 2008

Metallica ask for fan mementos

Metallica are asking fans to send them photos, bootleg audio, video clips and other items from between 1983-1985 for inclusion in upcoming deluxe reissues of Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning.


‘Fortress of Solitude’ and the Un-Suckification of Broadway Musicals

In my New York City high school in the late Seventies, the black kids listened to funk and disco, the white kids to Sixties rock and new wave — music that reflected back who we imagined ourselves to be. Then there were the musical theater kids, another race entirely, devoted to songs built on a different science, to develop characters and advance stage narrative. They were adorable, but song for song, generally insufferable.

Watch Hunter Hayes Reveal Secrets of Tattoo Your Name Tour

At one point during one of the last full days of rehearsal for his upcoming Tattoo Your Name Tour, Hunter Hayes told his half-dozen band members he wants something more “eventful” to happen during the transition from one song to the next. Holed up in a huge warehouse where the stage, a series of neon bars and squares, has been fully constructed and the lighting design is being tested, Rolling Stone Country joined Hayes and his crew just days before the trek is scheduled to kick off. (See exclusive video of Hunter’s tour rehearsal above). Watch Hunter Hayes Show Off ‘Tattoo’ on ‘Kimmel’ One of the most buzzed about aspects of the tour are the wristbands all concertgoers will receive on their way into each venue

Taylor Swift Whips New York Into a Frenzy on ‘Good Morning America’

By 7 a.m., Times Square was already packed: Young girls in their plaid school skirts and cheerleader uniforms were huddled across the Midtown hub, waiting to see Taylor Swift perform on Good Morning America and hoping that their first period teachers were also fans of the 24-year-old pop star. The Taylor Swift Guide to 1989: 20 Tracks From Her Key Year Swift’s latest album, 1989 , might be her most mature yet – a transition into pop, adulthood and independence – but clearly, the 16-and-under crowd remains as enthralled as ever. After soundcheck, the singer gave the earliest spectators a full performance of “Out of the Woods,” and a trio of her youngest fans – between the ages of 6 and 11 – were pulled onstage to sing their favorite Swift songs.


Suge Knight, Katt Williams Arrested for Robbery

Hip-hop mogul Suge Knight and actor-comedian Katt Williams were arrested Wednesday on “suspicion of stealing a camera from a female photographer,” according to Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Suge Knight Shot at Kanye West Party Knight was taken into custody Wednesday in Las Vegas. Williams was arrested while appearing in court on a separate assault case. The pair are accused of taking the camera of an unnamed “celebrity photographer” in Beverly Hills in September and have each been charged with one count of robbery.


Flashback: Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers Take ‘Islands in the Stream’ to New Heights

On this day (October 29th) in 1983, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers reached the top of the Billboard 100 chart with their now-iconic duet, “Islands in the Stream.” Written by the Bee Gees (and later performed on their 1998 live album), the tune was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same name and was meant to have a very different, more R&B sound. Co-writer Robin Gibb once told ABC News that he and his brothers originally wrote the song with Marvin Gaye in mind. Flashback: Dolly Parton Busts a Rhyme When Rogers got a shot at “Islands,” he went in to record it solo — with the Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb producing — and just didn’t click with it, he has admitted in several interviews over the years.


Slipknot Hit Number One as Industry Awaits Taylor Swift Sales Results

Bear with me: I’m trying to mention Taylor Swift in every paragraph. Here goes: Album sales are still  down 14 percent and track sales are down 13 percent, but next week, the record industry will see if 1989 can make a dent in these depressing numbers. More Swifty details below! Slipknot Open Up About Their Most Devastating Record Ever 1989 WATCH: Billboard  has upgraded its first-week Swift sales prediction from 750,000 to 1 million. If true, Taylor’s new 1989 would be the only 2014 release to go platinum

Watch Conan O’Brien and Max Weinberg Reunite on ‘Conan’

For almost 18 years, from the 1993 debut of Late Night With Conan O’Brien until the bitter end of O’Brien’s The Tonight Show run in 2010, drummer Max Weinberg was a constant presence alongside the late night host – at least when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band weren’t on tour. Conan O’Brien Comes Clean However, Weinberg chose not to join Conan as it jumped to TBS, and the Max Weinberg 7 became Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band. That is, until Tuesday night, as the late-night host and his former band leader reunited for the first time in nearly five years. During his monologue, O’Brien noted that Basic Cable Band drummer James Wormworth was missing from his kit

Watch Flaming Lips Dissect the Making of Beatles Covers LP ‘Fwends’

On the brand-new  With a Little Help From My Fwends , the Flaming Lips take a crack at one of the greatest albums of all time, covering the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band track by track. As the title suggests, artists including Miley Cyrus, Moby, Chuck Inglish and Tegan and Sara all join in on the action. Here, in a new clip about the LP, Lips members Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd discuss how it all came together, focusing in particular on “Fixing a Hole.” The 10 Most Killer Cover Songs of the Past Decade “Sometimes we believe the recording is gonna start at Steven’s house,” says Coyne

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