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You’ve Gotta See These Pics From Fabolous’ ’90s Hip-Hop Birthday Party

Fabolous celebrated his 37th birthday Tuesday night, with a ’90s hip-hop-themed bash in New York City.


Watch ‘Weird Al’ Lead Radio Shack Shoppers to a Magical ‘Toy Land’

No living singer is better suited to play the demented king of a Radio Shack “Toy Land” than “Weird Al” Yankovic. The parody master transforms into the Willy Wonka of gadget wonder for the company’s new holiday-themed ad campaign, located above. 16 Things We Learned After a Day at ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s House The clip opens with a customer inquiring about Radio Shack’s “heliquad” drones, which prompts a buttery smooth sing-along led by Yankovic. “Toy Land,” he sings, is “where you always start when you’re wanting to gift smart,” a magical land where one can find gift “ideas for girls and boys and even cousin Bob, who’s 43 and lives at home.” Also, batteries.

Jack Bruce birthday concerts set for release

German music TV series Rockpalast will launch a Jack Bruce DVD/CD in December.

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