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Maisie Williams and Tony Hale Analyze Their Hilariously Awkward Baby Photos

All babies are beautiful blessings … except for the ones that aren’t that beautiful at all. Some just seem born for . Tony Hale and Maisie Williams are now both successful HBO stars ( “Veep” and “Game of Thrones,” respectively), but they just showed off and analyzed their own awkward early photos on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” Ice Cube was there, but for some reason they didn’t show off one of his baby pics — maybe his photos are too normal. James Corden broke out a photo Maisie had shared on Instagram with hashtags like #swag #baller #bitches #paper. He wanted an explanation for the hashtags. “Well, look at that face,” Williams said.

Johnny Marr Announces Autobiography Details

The Smiths  co-founder Johnny Marr has inked a book deal with Dey Street Books. The autobiography, titled Set the Boy Free , is due out November 3rd, 2016. Johnny Marr on His Solo Debut, Smiths Reunion Rumors “I wanted to convey a feeling of breaking free, that has been a constant throughout my life,” the British guitarist said in a statement about the book. “A feeling that expresses itself as both escape and discovery. Transcendence. I found it through rock & roll and art and a journey living both in the modern world.” The book will span Marr’s childhood growing up in 1960s Manchester, England and his time in the seminal alternative band the Smiths. After leaving the group in 1987, Marr went on to work with Modest Mouse, the Cribs, the The, the Pretenders and Electronic, his band with New Order frontman Bernard Sumner.

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil: Tropicália Icons Talk U.S. Tour

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are titans of Tropicália, a strain of Sixties Brazilian pop (or música popular brasileira ) that drew on João Gilberto’s sublime bossa nova, the Beatles’ kaleidoscopic pop and Jimi Hendrix’s soaring psychedelia, swirling it all together into a heady new sound. Tropicália has gone on to influence new generations of musicians, including Beck, David Byrne, Dirty Projectors and Devendra Banhart. Yet Veloso and Gil have few parallels in western pop, in that their visionary music not only broke pop parameters, but also social, cultural and political barriers — causing them to run afoul of Brazil’s military dictatorship in the late Sixties. In February of 1969, they were arrested by the regime and exiled to England, only allowed to return home in 1972. 10 Best Latin Albums of the Year Since then, they have been Brazil’s musical ambassadors to the rest of the world, with Gil even accepting a role in then-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s cabinet as Minister of Culture. The two continue to record exquisite, playful, even noisy music belying their septuagenarian status. This week sees the release of Dois Amigos , a warm and casual two-album live set featuring the lifelong friends performing as a duo. They make their way to the United States this month for a series of concerts, including two this weekend in Miami, capped by a two-night stand in Brooklyn. Rolling Stone reached out to the two icons to ask about the lasting legacy of bossa nova, new artists they like and the politically tumultuous moment in their home countries. What was the musical climate like when you first began your careers Caetano Veloso: We met when the bossa nova movement had already proved totally successful

Ronnie Spector on Keith Richards, David Bowie and Life After Phil

Ronnie Spector is seated in the restaurant of a lavish midtown Manhattan hotel. She’s dressed in black, and her long, black hair is bouffant – though a far cry from the beehive she wore when she was making hits with the Ronettes over half a century ago. It’s a bright, sunny, late-March day – “It’s meant for us,” she beams giddily – and even though the woman born Veronica Bennett is now 72, she has the energy of a woman a third of her age. She laughs boisterously, she slaps her hand on the table for emphasis, and she seems to have no reservations about belting out the opening lines to “Be My Baby” at 2 p.m. mere feet away from a fancy hotel lounge. Listen: Ultimate Girl Group Playlist Four decades ago, she was a prisoner in her own house. Now, years after escaping her marriage to producer Phil Spector – the mastermind behind the “Wall of Sound” and Ronnie’s biggest hits who is now serving a prison sentence for murder – she’s intent on enjoying her freedom

Duran Duran expands North American trek, Don Henley plans international run

British rockers Duran Duran have tacked more shows onto its 2016 “Paper Gods” tour. More news: Duran Duran , Don Henley

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