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Plastic Guns by Alisa Childers – awesome!

Thank you for being a musician that is inspired by God!  It Is so amazing to hear music that glorifies him and gives him all the praise. I pray that He blesses you in your ministry and that you are able to continue in your career and help other come to Christ! Thank you for all you do in the name of our Lord!  Thank you for being a musician that is inspired by God!  It Is so amazing to hear music that glorifies him and gives him all the praise. I pray that He blesses you in your ministry


Sing Over Me: The Songs of Dennis Jernigan by Various Artists – Worship…Indie Style

I remember the first time I heard “You Are My All in All”, Dennis Jernigan’s worldwide worship hit. I was 8 years old and I was sitting in a tiny chapel at church camp. Of the thousands of worship songs I’ve learned through the years growing up in the church nothing stands out in my mind quite like that song. Something about that melody, and those lyrics hit me in a profound way

Night Ranger name guitarist

Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis has confirmed that Keri Kelli has joined the band, following the departure of Joel Hoekstra.

I’m Not Your Suicide by Michael Sweet – A Solid Solo Venture

Solo albums from lead singers of popular bands always are interesting. It offers a chance to hear our favorite vocalists trying out sounds that might not quite mesh with their bands’ established sounds. Michael Sweet, lead singer of legendary Christian metal band Stryper, is no stranger to solo albums.

Sing On The Battlefield by Kathryn Scott – Encouragement for the Fight

While Kathryn Scott’s voice may not be incredibly familiar to you, you’ve probably heard her music. The songstress behind the popular worship songs “Hungry” and “At The Foot Of The Cross” has been working to craft songs for the church since the 90s. Growing up in a Christian home with an interest in piano and singing, it’s no surprise that Kathryn has become a pastor, worship leader and Godly family woman herself.

September 1, 2014

See more here: September 1, 2014

Micah Peacock: Shadow to Sunlight Inside the Album

Go inside the introspective singer/songwriter/worship leader’s latest album.


Cray Button (feat. Lecrae) – single by Family Force 5 – Crazy Fun

If you like weirdness that is a little hard to understand and even harder to explain, this song and its music video were literally made for you. That said, it is a crazy fun, funny, upbeat dance song! It has beautiful music, creative lyrics, and endless fun!


Worship & Justice by Bluetree – Songs for the Kingdom

Irish worship group Bluetree has been crafting songs for the Church since the early 2000s, and they seem to get more passionate about their calling as time goes on. After a number of studio albums and live projects, Bluetree is releasing Worship & Justice as their first musical partnership with Integrity Music. The songs on this album are firm statements of what they believe and their conviction that even if we don’t praise God, the rocks will cry out in praise. Either way, God will get the glory, and the band does a great job of emphasizing that truth.


Attack by Disciple – Reforging Identity

Attack, the latest from hard rock outfit Disciple, is the first release since a lineup reinvention that leaves frontman Kevin Young the only remaining member since the release of 2012′s O God Save Us All. Band members aren’t the only thing new in Disciple’s world: they’re also finding their footing on the independent artist playing field, this new project being the result of an incredibly successful fan funding campaign. Given the nearly simultaneous additions of Josiah Prince (guitar), Andrew Stanton (guitar), Jason Wilkes (bass) and Joey West (drums), fans might expect to hear a sonic disconnect on Attack, or


Love by Esterlyn – Shining Synth

Electropop group Esterlyn’s latest is the Love EP, the follow-up to 2012′s Woven, their first venture into the electronic world. The EP starts with a refreshing synth sound in intro “Alms” that bubbles into the collection of songs, blending with an indie worship sound reminiscent of Rend Collective or All Sons & Daughters in songs like “Break My Heart” and “You Awaken.” The electronic sounds are crystal clear, grounded by booming percussion. The themes of the collection are found in title track “Love,” which summarizes the project with the words “I am lost without love Your love


Reimagine by Everfound – Reimagined Sounds

The three Russian brothers in Everfound took the Christian music world by storm when they exploded onto the scene last year. They captured our ears and hearts with their new take on music and the way they added such passion and energy to a song. Not afraid to try new sounds and add new elements, their style has made them one of the most exciting and enjoyable bands we’ve heard in a long time.  After the success of their debut self-titled album months back, the Word Records artists are returning with a surprise remix EP, appropriately named Reimagine. The

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