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Watch T.I. Join Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato for ‘Future Now’ Tour Kickoff

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato kicked off their Future Now co-headlining tour in Atlanta on Wednesday night and showed their appreciation for the city by bringing out a special hometown hero: T.I. The rapper performed three of his songs during the set. Watch Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas Busk on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Along with his new song ” Dope ,” the rapper got an assist from the show’s headliners on a pair of classics. First, Jonas helped out on the chorus of “Whatever You Like,” the smooth 2008 hit that gave T.I. his second Number One single. Lovato came out immediately after to belt out Rihanna’s parts on “Live Your Life.” Rich Homie Quan and Migos opened for the former Disney stars on the stop as well, further honoring Atlanta’s hip-hop scene. The audience was also treated to a new song from Lovato. The “Confident” singer debuted the sultry, percussive new “Body Say” in the middle of the show, which had her and Jonas trading off time on the stage. Related How Nick Jonas Went From Christian Pop to Top 40 Heartthrob Live Nation Cancels Concerts Following Shooting at T.I.

Switchfoot – The Light Of Darkness, part 1 of 2

“Where woundedness can be refined into beauty a wonderful transfiguration takes place.” — John O’Donohue Life is not simple. The trail of days that forge our stories often meander through tumultuous terrains of pain, shortstopping our pace with uncertainty, burdening our steps with fear, and clouding our vision in confusion. To be human is to experience darkness. And suffering. And heartache and grief. And yes, doubt. Throughout recorded human history, music has provided a cadence for our hearts as our soul steps out on the shaky search for God. In the middle of our deepest disbeliefs, the volley of verse and chorus gifts our spirits with an eternal language to graciously initiate conversation with God.

Tim Bowman, Jr. – More Than Just A Number

click to buy If, as a child, you had told modern gospel artist Tim Bowman, Jr. that he would top the Billboard Gospel charts two decades later, he might actually have believed it possible. Not because the twenty-nine-year-old musician is puffed up on pride or overconfident of his craft, but rather the spiritually sensitive Detroit native was raised and trained on a steady diet of music and ministry thanks to the top-notch influences of his father, smooth jazz guitarist, Tim Bowman , and his aunt, gospel singing veteran, Vickie Winans . For Bowman, Jr., playing music, and even more specifically, gospel music, is simply second nature. Enlisting his born-and-bred musical expertise, paired with the legendary record-making process of producer powerhouse Rodney Jerkins ( Beyonce , Michael Jackson ), to propel his sophomore set, Listen ( Lifestyle Music Group ), to the heady number one slot on Billboard Gospel’s chart week of release, Bowman, Jr.

Out & About – July 1, 2016

1: Anthony Hamilton R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton may have sold out much of his co-headlining tour with American Idol favorite Fantasia based on mainstream fame, but in the case of his Chicago concert, the singer/songwriter spent a solid chunk grounded in gospel territory. One of the many spiritually-centered musings was a spine chilling rendition of the piano ballad “Still,” a must get cut off his latest long player What I’m Feelin’ ( RCA ). (Photo: Andy Argyrakis) 2: John Tibbs FairTrade Services artist John Tibbs and his wife Emily get ready alongside 350,000 fans for the Indianapolis 500 . The singer/songwriter was a guest of IndyCar Ministry and performed at the public chapel, plus four morning services for drivers, crews and their families. He even was part of the Indy 500 Parade seen by more than a million television viewers! (get his latest album, Dead Man Walking – CLICK HERE ) 3: Family Force 5 Dance rockers Family Force 5 have no trouble revving up the party anywhere on earth, and when it came to the group’s Glory At The Gardens set on the grounds of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA, even Skillet ’s Jen Ledger couldn’t resist getting in on the action. (Photo: Annette Holloway Photography – get FF5’s latest album, Time Still Stands – CLICK HERE ) 4: Ryan Stevenson Also from Glory At The Gardens , singer/songwriter and Toby Mac protégé Ryan Stevenson and his band introduce Christian music fans to introspective tunes from his full-length Gotee Records debut, Fresh Start . (Photo: Annette Holloway Photography) 5 & 6: Stryper 5. Hard rockers Stryper kicked off the Fallen Tour with a line of fans wrapped all around the block for a sold out show at the world famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. The club was not only these Orange County natives’ early stomping grounds, but it also helped launch the careers of legends like The Doors , The Byrds , Buffalo Springfield , Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses

Switchfoot – ‘Where The Light Shines Through’ album review

click to buy on Amazon Ten albums in, Switchfoot ’s aim is sharper than ever. The San Diego-based band’s newest album, Where The Light Shines Through , shows off a veteran acumen in both Jon Foreman ’s straight-to-the-heart lyrical approach and their stellar alt-rock sensibilities. For a band already celebrated for providing fans with the whole package time and again, it’s a testament to the band’s talent and discipline that they continue to burn so brightly twenty years after they started. Up-tempo cuts like “Holy Water” and “If The House Burns Down Tonight” should be live favorites. The title track spins the story on the scars we all bear. Then there’s the potent “Looking for America,” a track featuring Lecrae that asks a series of serious questions. Altogether, these twelve songs form another very fine effort from a band that’s rocking their prime.

Grace Period by ApologetiX – Amazing Album Period

THIS REVIEW IS ADAPTED FROM A REVIEW I POSTED ON MY WEBSITE. TO CHECK OUT MY REVIEW OF APOLOGETIX’S ALBUMS FROM 1997 TO 2007, CLICK HERE! It’s amazing to think that we are saved by grace—period. And we all have a grace period to accept his gift of grace. And I love how ApologetiX hammers this point in this album! The rocker “Corinthians” starts the album and reminds us about love. And isn’t what grace stems from—love? And we see that God allowed us Gentiles to believe in him in the song “Cornelius,” and

PIECES by Trisha Alicia – That’s important when looking for your first designer replica handbags.

Your first big-ticket bag purchase are fendi replica handbags step and really signals a new stage in your life, and I’m so happy you came to us for help. I love the bags you picked and how different each one is; it helps me to give you a rundown on each and share why each would work or not work for you. It’s wise to find a bag you can carry all week and transition it to the weekend, as well; that’s important when looking for your first designer replica handbags. I’ve seen each of these bags in

The Big Picture Tour Video by Michael W. Smith – No cheap football shirts, No cheap air max shoes

No cheap football shirts, No cheap air max shoes. A tabloid reported that police in the UK were banning England football jerseys from pubs and clubs, but the rumor is several years old and unsupported. I heard today that the police are going around pubs and clubs saying that we cant wear our England tops for the football and we have to take the flags down as its upsetting immigrants that don’t come from here! Now I’m not racist, but this is going too far! Would you remove your turban and gucci replica because it upsets me. We

Shine On Us by Vineyard Music – Thankfully

For most large brands, men’s bags are something of and afterthought. If a satchel or tote design works well in the women’s line, it gets simplified, enlarged and made more neutral in order to appeal to dudes, and that’s about as far as most brands go when it comes to innovative design for their male fanbases. That probably sounds boring, which it is. Thankfully, michael kors outlet puts more thought and detail into its men’s bags than most other premier designer brands combined, and it really showed on the Spring 2017 runway in Paris earlier today. The

Beyond Control by Kings Kaleidoscope – I love this point in replica handbags sale season

I love this point in replica handbags sale season. Second markdowns have been taken, people who are satisfied with twenty-five percent or thirty percent off have snatched up their bags, and now the real bargain-hunting can begin. It’s a bigger challenge than earlier in the season, of course, but the reward is high if you have the fortitude to hold out this long. Below, check out the deepest discounts we found on the most highly coveted fendi replica handbags available right now; you won’t regret it.

Reaching a new generation with the old, old story

Online adventure game The Aetherlight takes kids on a quest to learn scriptural truths in a steampunk world (available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE ) Today’s kids have grown in a world of digital media, video games, and smartphones. A new online role-playing adventure game for tweens, The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance , reaches out to kids with an allegorical adventure that points the gamers to scriptural truths. (Think of it as a 21 st Century Chronicles of Narnia .) Endorsed by the American Bible Society , The Aetherlight is a multiplayer point-and-click adventure game that retells the story of Scripture in a steampunk world filled with quests, puzzles, crafting and more. The Aetherlight’s “World Builder,” Tim Cleary , is a former youth pastor passionate about drawing youth into God’s story. In this interview, Cleary shares the challenges of building scriptural truths into the narrative, how The Aetherlight complement more traditional kinds of teaching, and the best ways for parents or ministers to participate in the process with kids. CCM Magazine : How did your background as a youth minister inform how The Aetherlight is put together? Tim Cleary: I guess it really came down to the question of connecting with audience. As a youth pastor, you hone a series of skills revolving around chugging milk, making jokes and swinging young people around to a biblical principal so quick, they get whiplash—and while they recover, you know that message has found its mark. We had to learn really quickly that a game is a different format to, say, a sermon.

Hold the Light by Bread of Stone – Breaking Genre Barriers

Classified as a pop-rock band, Bread of Stone breaks music genre barriers to once again showcase their passion for God and others on Hold the Light, their fifth studio album. Bread of Stone mixes rock, hip hop, pop and adult contemporary influences together to create a hybrid masterpiece. The band used a similar method on their 2014 album Not Alone. Of course, Bread of Stone could not achieve this hybrid sound without a little help from the genre experts: Matt Dally and Tricia Brock (both from Superchick) as well as hip hop superstars

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