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It’s Pronounced Five-Two by KJ-52 – More Crazy Fun/ny Music and Messages

Love this fun to listen to rap album! More extremely fun/ny (and kinda crazy) tracks like Cartoon Network, Ya Bref Stank, and Gimme Dat, tracks about serious issues like Don’t Go, Check Yourself, and #1 Fan, and inspirational tracks like So In Love With You, Rock On and Pick Yourself Up, I Feel So Good. This CD has overall a bit more upbeat tempo, more background music, and more personal info about KJ (like the title track) than Collaborations; but it’s still more awesome, super-creative-with-a-message rap music from KJ!


Rise by Skillet – Is this really about God?

Skillet really impressed me with Comatose and Awake. I really felt that they were doing it for God. With Rise it’s different. In every Christian rock song I listen to I ask myself Is it really about Jesus.The album Awake I could believe that they were singing for God, but this album is ridiculous. Sick of it is just a complete hard rock song that has nothing to do with God


Crave by for KING & COUNTRY – A truly great album

This was a terrific album by For king and Country. It shocked me a little because I wasn’t used to Christian music like this. It’s full of passion, despair, love. This is truly an amazing album. I reccomend it for any Christian music lover


Eye’m All Mixed Up by tobyMac – Eye’m Lovin’ It

When it comes to Christian pop music, there are not many names (if any) more iconic than TobyMac. Over the past 25 years or so, TobyMac has been the face of CCM, constantly pushing its limits both with DC Talk and his solo work. He has shown no signs of stopping either, with the 2012 release Eye On It peaking at number one on the Billboard 200 (only the third Christian album ever to do so).

Laura Hackett Park’s "Love With Have Its Day" Scores Big Digitally

10.29.14 – Wraps Street Week As 2nd Bestselling Soundscan Christian Gospel Digital Album…


Be The Change – EP by Shuree – Changing the Pop Game

With her sophomore release, Be the Change, Shuree returns with her positive, upbeat, gospel centered sound. The album is reminiscent of the likes of Mandisa and Francesca Battistelli, with a solid pop sound and catchy melodies that you find yourself humming for no apparent reason other than that they make you smile. The album opens with “Be the Change.” It is an upbeat song that would fit neatly as the closing credits to an American Girl movie. The message in the song is clear: God changed your heart, now let that change shine through and be the change in

Francesca Battistelli Partners with Mercy Ministries on Music Video

Francesca Battistelli Partners with Mercy Ministries on Music Video “He Knows My Name” featuring testimonies from four Mercy Ministries graduates. Plus, information about her upcoming tour at Winter Jam.


Hallelujah For The Cross by Newsboys – A Resounding Success

Saying this could possibly start a riot, but I’m going to take the risk: “God’s Not Dead” is rapidly becoming the “Jesus Freak” of this generation. Definitely not in terms of innovation, but most certainly in its impact. While we have mastermind Daniel Bashta to thank for its conception, we’d be remiss not to give the credit to Newsboys for the song’s surge to fame. Their 2012 worship album of the same name became one of the biggest albums of their 25 year career, changing the way longtime worship skeptics approached the genre. Not bad for a pop quartet


Rise by Trip Lee – Perfection

Throughout Rise, Trip challenges you and I to remember our identity in Christ, that we have been raised with him and are called to live for him, and serve him in everything. He finds joy in the word, and so many of the tracks appear to find their roots in scripture. Trip doesn’t mess around: he shares his thoughts plainly.


His Kidz Vol. 1 by His Kidz United – Kid Friendly Worship

Founded by Jimmy and Mai Swan, His Kidz United aims to bring uplifting Christian music to kids between the ages of 5 and 14. The Swans felt that because the music was for kids, the songs should be sung by kids to have the most impact. Because of that conviction, students from the Dallas Neighborhood Art & Music School (NAMS) were asked to cover songs from popular CCM artists, but with a kid twist, for His Kidz United Vol.


Set Apart by Worship Central – Worship For The World

Since their launch in 2006, London-based church Worship Central has made a significant impact on the world of worship leaders and congregations alike. It started as a movement to empower the local church and has since grown to be a place of resource and training for worship leaders around the world. Their loyal team (Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Nikki Fletcher and Ben Cantelon) host annual conferences with leadership workshops, speakers and guest worship leaders to help equip the next generation of worshipers. On top of all that, they’ve recorded several live albums and been the voice behind many great worship

Love & The Outcome Receives Six 2014 Covenant Award Nominations

Love & The Outcome Receives Six 2014 Covenant Award Nominations Including: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year. Plus, the duo preps for their debut headline tour this November…

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