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Commodity by Remedy Drive – PHENOMENAL

This album is by far one of Remedy Drive’s BEST! The message this album brings is one of freedom and hope. The counter-trafficking album will touch the soul of every listener. Since this album was an independent release, they could say so much more and do so much more and that shows.


Fuel Music Presents Reverence: An Offering by Various Artists – An Offering Of Praise

Compilation albums are always a special treat to music fans because they take the best of various artists and combine them in one place. However, Reverence: An Offering seems to be even better than that. Of the whopping 19 tracks included, 17 of them are appearing on this album as tracks that have never before been released. With so many artists debuting songs here, it’s almost a guarantee to find a few musical gems.


Banner by Desperation Band – Raising a Banner of Praise

Based out of Colorado Springs megachurch New Life, the worship team known as Desperation Band is credited most notably for the creation of popular songs like “I Am Free” and “Overcome” (made famous by Newsboys and Jeremy Camp, respectively). This fall they are returning once more with their latest full length live worship offering, Banner. Led primarily by songwriter and vocalist Jon Egan, the 12 song collection features the dual components of soul-stirring moments of praise and high energy songs that are sure to get you out of your seat. Songs like “Fun” and “Future” show off the


Atmospheres (Live) by Justin Jarvis – An Atmosphere of Living Water

Justin Jarvis is a Florida-based worship leader previously known for his work with Jesus Culture, although he is a dedicated artist in his own right who has released songs resulting from his service in his local Fort Lauderdale church. His latest project is Atmospheres Live, a 10 song collection bringing listeners into the heart of one of his worship sets. The musical sound of this collection will be instantly reminiscent of projects like Bethel’s Tides or United’s Zion, with a semi-ethereal, sweeping feel tempered by acoustic and subtle electronic elements.


Hey I’m A Ghost by Sullivan – Fantastic!

Frak Peretti is an amazing author! This book kept me on the edge of my seat (which resulted in a bit of stiffness as I read it in one day). It is very thought-provoking and intriguing. I would highly recommend House (or any of Frank Peretti’s other books, for that matter).


Victorious by New Hope O’ahu – Aloha from Oahu

It is becoming an increasingly popular trend for megachurches to have their worship teams write original worship songs and record albums. One church that has followed this trend is New Hope Christian Fellowship based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Last year, their worship team New Hope Oahu shared their music with the world and their first album Hope is Alive gained some success on Billboard. With their second release, Victorious, New Hope Oahu continues to worship God with their talent and invite listeners into a time of worship.

T.S.O (Totally Sold Out) Signs with Tyscot Records

9.18.14 – to their NEW Christian Hip-Hop Division, Tyscot LOUD…


Anomaly by Lecrae – The System Didn’t Prepare for This

The definition of anomaly: “Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.” This is something that should describe Christians. We are the ones called to step beyond societal norms. This is a word that absolutely describes Christian crossover rapper Lecrae, who fittingly titled his new album to reflect this concept. “Fear” has Lecrae delivering an honest look at some of his apprehensions concerning whether his life is pleasing to God. He explores fear of failing in front of his critics and some of the thoughts in his head that could cause people to look at him differently.

From Water to War by Nine Lashes – NINE LASHES – FROM WATER TO WAR (MUSIC REVIEW)

Nine Lashes third studio album (second with Tooth and Nail Records) came out on January 21st. I per-ordered it plus i was able to listen it early on so here is my track by track review! 1. Never Back Down: This is one of my favorite tracks on the albums and its great that its first because i don’t have to skip through to find a favorite. There are some lyrics i cant make out like right after “we will never back down” so if you know it let me know! 2. Break The World: So this song was their first single for


#LITO (Love In The Open) by Press Play – Great

The first artists to sign to the now popular DREAM Records, Press Play have always given to us pop driven melodies to inspire, encourage and motivate, from their debut album Life is Beautiful to their most recent album #LITO, due to release in a day or so. Similar to Newsboys in that the members in the band are always rotating (founder Dave Hanley is the only original member in the band to still be there today); their mission to reach listeners with the gospel of Christ through music that is relevant is something that hasn’t changed throughout their time as


Structures (Single) by Silence The Ocean – Great Song with Good Message

Silence The Ocean’s new song Structures is awesome! I think it has a good message that the things we do have reprecations (i think thats the word to use) so we need to watch what we say and do because it can come back on us.

"The Discount Song" by Chris August

Gag music video by Chris August

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