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The 6th by FLAME – The 6th

The album is just amazing, I just love the way Flame uses scripture in all his albums, it just affirms to his background. A strong foundation in the word. I also love the way he also relates to what is going on in the world, this will definitely open your eyes to the one and true God for those that are searching for him.


Rewind by FLAME – Rewind

I love this album, with the commercial being a killa for me personally, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! context, break bread, let’s go all inspiring me to preach the word. No silence with Lecrae, so sweet, my oh my the album is amazing.


Captured by FLAME – Captured

Finally got to listen to this album and I love it. The combination with V. Rose is just perfect, you should continue having these collabros……………….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk With tonight, recaptured, captured me, and all I need being my favourite.

Our World Fallen by FLAME – Our World Fallen

Album pratically speaks about the temptations that we go through as humans in this earth where the Devil roams around. Bad aint good explains for itself that what we as christains might think might be good is still bad. Desires of conflict really speaks what the apostle Paul spoke of in Romans 7:15.


Change your world by Darlene Zschech – Darlene

The songs that I have listened to from this album include glorify your name and Angus Dei. Amazing stuff! This album should be also good based on the two songs that I have listened to. Yeap God bless you Darlene and I shall pray for you that God’s will be done in your life even when you face any challenges!


Jesus Or Nothing by FLAME – Jesus or Nothing

 loving this album, right on bro!!!!!!!!! God in the flesh has being explained in the most simplified way for anyone to understand, Houses and cars talks about the recent crazy prosperity gospel also that our country is going through!  King of the world just tells everyone where we want to be with JESUS! Love the album my brother continue to minister to us.


Rain Down by Alvin Slaughter – Rain down

For real this album has it’s own distinctness of praise and worship. Love shout,speak Lord, bless this time and all the rest that follow. Bought this tape in 2003 just when I graduated and ever since listen to the music now and then and it still blesses my soul.


Worship by Michael W. Smith – Worship

The begining of worship full time, kkkkkkkkkkk. My oh my all the worship songs that I and my chrch love to sing. I would want to say at this point in time. Thank you very much for coming to Zimbabwe and blessing us with these worship songs. I remember asking you to come over to Zimbabwe.


Worship Again by Michael W. Smith – Worship Again

Another great worship album release as we worship again! From Anciet words to You are holy (Prince of Peace). MWS this album is also amazing. May we totally worship God with our all, for there is none like him for real.


Live The Life by Michael W. Smith – Live the life

The album is …………………… the ending track is just perfect from looking for a missing person to showing who really cares for us and then finding a friend in the Lord and finally meeting on the other side. Love it. The song for rich is just so touching, as I personally loved Rich Mullins’ music as well.  We should definitely live the life for the Lord.


VIP by Manic Drive – Hitting Their Stride

If you want to talk about a band that has run the creative gauntlet, look no further than Manic Drive. Having formerly dabbled in aggressive rock tunes back in their early days as teens in Toronto, Canada, the band made a radical transition with their breakout album Blue, which shifted away from their rock roots and into more progressive pop territory. Several years and bridge album Epic later, the band, comprised of brothers Shawn and Michael Cavallo and their lifelong friend Anthony Moreino, are now a full fledged pop act. The group channels the sounds


This Is Your Time by Michael W. Smith – This is your time

If I tell you that my dad loved This is your time (Reprise) and is still his ringing tone on his cell up to now! I loved this album as well. A lot of my work colleagues would request for the album after listening to the latter. I did shock them when I told them that this was gospel saved music

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