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Korean Safety Official Commits Suicide Following Concert Tragedy

The tragedy that claimed the lives of 16 K-pop fans at a 4Minute concert in Seongman, South Korea has resulted in another death: According to the Telegraph, a 37-year-old government official who was in charge of safety measures for the event was found dead around 7 a.m. local time in an apparent suicide after being questioned by police regarding the incident. A police inspector revealed that the man jumped from a 10-story building after writing a short note, “I am sorry for the dead victims. Please take good care of my children” 16 People Die Falling Through Grate at South Korea Concert Sixteen K-pop fans were killed when the metal grate they were standing on collapsed, plummeting them down a roughly 60-foot shaft that led to an underground garage

G-Eazy Lights Up, Premieres Song, Moves Fans During Yahoo Concert

It’s evident why Oakland rapper G-Eazy was able to establish millions of YouTube plays years before he secured a major label recording deal. When he played the Yahoo On the Road series’ stop at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, he connected with his fans via his performance, music and personal interaction. [Photos: G-Eazy in Concert for Yahoo On the Road] The 25-year-old Loyola University graduate appealed to the college audience by smoking marijuana on stage, thanking them for their early support, and connecting with select fans during a meet and greet. Instead of closing the show with his biggest radio hit, the artist, who released music independently for more than six years, instead offered the audience a treat he was sure they would appreciate — his song “Loaded,” a record about partying and getting high. One of the women standing on the side of the stage handed him what appeared to be weed, and he took a couple puffs before exhaling and riling up the crowd

Chris Tomlin — Digging Deeper

Chris Tomlin soaks in the goodness of his God.

Mr. Del: Hope Dealer 2

Album Review: HOPE DEALER 2 by Mr. Del

Boiling Point: More

Album Review: MORE by Boiling Point

Desperation Band: Banner

Album Review: BANNER by Desperation Band

Introducing Kyle Kupecky… and a Look at God’s “Plans”

On Oct. 2, as Kyle Kupecky’s first single, “Plans,” hit radio stations across the country…

Michelle Williams: Journey To Freedom

Album Review: JOURNEY TO FREEDOM by Michelle Williams

Anthony Faulkner: I Trust You (EP)

Album Review: I TRUST YOU (EP) by Anthony Faulkner

Nate Feuerstein: NF (EP)

Album Review: NF (EP) by NF

Group 1 Crew: #Faster/#Stronger

Album Review: #FASTER/#STRONGER by Group 1 Crew

Group 1 Crew — Undeterred

This is the story of Group 1 Crew, as of late. Founded in Florida by Manwell Reyes, the group has vacillated between three people out front, two people and now one.

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