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Mugatu Just Wants His Damn Latte in This Exclusive ‘Zoolander 2’ Clip

Yes, fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu ( Will Ferrell ) is back in “Zoolander 2,” and this exclusive sequel clip shows that, despite his assertions, he is exactly the same latte-loving diva who was so hot right now 15 years ago . “Prison changed me,” Mugatu insists in the scene, which shows him exiting a scary lockdown, where he was presumably sentenced for his shenanigans in the 2001 movie. “I am bad to the core now!” But no one’s too “bad” for a latte (or an orange mocha frappuccino). And not only does Mugatu look and sound the same as before, he even acts the same with the amazing, long-suffering Todd ( Nathan Lee Graham ). Of course Todd had to be the one to pick him up from prison — in a helicopter, no less — and of course Todd was there with a hot foamy latte. Too foamy, though? We know how that goes , and Mugatu throws the scalding drink right back at Todd, old school style, then they give each other those half-turned on, half-scared expressions they do so well.


Jesse Owens Has Nazis on the Run in This Exclusive ‘Race’ Trailer

As Jesse Owens puts it in this exclusive new trailer for the biopic “Race,” “On that track, there ain’t no black and white, there’s only fast and slow.” Jesse was fast. In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, he was faster than anyone, winning four gold track-and-field medals. Guess who was slow? It’s you, Hitler. It’s YOU! Hitler didn’t actually run in those games himself, but the Germany-set stage was his big opportunity to show off the superiority of the Aryan race. That did not work out, thanks in large part to an American hero who happened to be black. “Race” stars Stephan James (“Selma”) as Jesse Owens, with Jason Sudeikis , Jeremy Irons , Carice van Houten , William Hurt , and Shanice Banton in supporting roles. If you weren’t already aware of the historical context, this trailer starts with a documentary-feel to put you in the moment, then confronts the realities of race and racing head-on.


‘The Choice’ Exclusive Clip: Gabby Has Ladies Man Travis All Figured Out

Ladies, “a man with one chair likes to sit alone.” Take it from Gabby Holland ( Teresa Palmer ), the feisty medical student at the center of “The Choice,” the latest cinematic adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, which hits theaters February 5. In this exclusive clip — set as so many swoon-worthy Sparks stories are, in the beautifully lush American South — Gabby goes for a walk with Stephanie ( Maggie Grace ), one of her new neighbors, who happens to be the sister of hunky ladies man Travis ( Benjamin Walker ). Gabby just met the guy, but she already has him all figured out, based in part on that one chair he has at the front of his house. The clip is all light summer flirtation, but the love story itself is more complicated and spans a decade of events. When they first meet in this coastal town, Gabby already has a boyfriend, and Travis (as Gabby quickly assessed) tends to cut and run whenever a relationship starts getting serious. But they have that undeniable spark that leads them to take the leap. However, since this is a Sparks novel adaptation, you know the romance will come with heartbreak and tears. The movie is called “The Choice” for a reason, and it’s not just the choice of whether these hot young thangs should be together or not. “The Choice” will be released February 5, 2016. Don’t forget to check out the full trailer .

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