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Bobbi Kristina Brown, Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Dead at 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown , died on July 26 at age 22 after she was found unresponsive in her bathtub and placed in a medically induced coma. Brown passed away in a hospice center outside Atlanta. “Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family,” the Houston family said in a statement.

How Well Are Actors-Turned-DJs Rocking the Party?

Austin “Chumlee” Russell  Best known as: Co-host of the History Channel show Pawn Stars, where his goofball  comic charm has made him  a breakout star. Years DJ’ing: Since early 2015 How’s it going? After taking lessons at a “DJ institute” called Blend and practicing “for, like, a month straight,” Chumlee made his debut in February at Vegas’ Ghostbar Dayclub; his rider for the show requested five Nerf guns, Girl Scout cookies and “beautiful waitresses to take me to the stage.” Kristian Nairn Best known as: Hodor, the lovable gentle giant on Game of Thrones. Years DJ’ing: 12 How’s it going? Nairn, who grew up in Northern Ireland, was a fixture on the Belfast DJ scene years before he started acting

Flyleaf Special Edition CD/DVD by Flyleaf – RE: NRTeam

Flyleaf Beautiful Bride. We are the bride of Christ. Let us all remember we are all on the same team. “Beautiful bride, body of Christ!” That’s what I’m talking about!!! Thank you lord jesus! my fav song by Flyleaf! Beth McClure webdesign

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