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Hear Clare Dunn Dress Up Her Pop Influences With ‘Tuxedo’

Shining a spotlight on the pop side of her country-pop debut, Clare Dunn’s “Tuxedo” is a punchy, polished ode to the newcomer’s ideal man.  Watershed Festival 2015’s Best Live Photos “I’m not the kind of girl that has to have all the fancy things,” says Dunn, whose self-titled EP  hits stores tomorrow. “It’s your character, your honor, your heart and your love that matter to me. ‘Tuxedo’ is simply my way of saying that.’ Co-written with Ben West and Brett James, the song pairs the ingredients of modern-day pop — vocal tuning, drum tracks, gauzy keyboards and ethereal electronics — with a crashing chorus that’s more Pink  than Paisley. Dunn’s guitar chops, the highlight of her opening sets on Miranda Lambert’s ongoing Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour , take a backseat role this time around, with her voice — and willingness to reach far beyond country’s borders — manning the driver’s wheel instead. (Listen to the song below.) Dunn, who drove tractors on her family’s Colorado ranch before moving to Nashville, says blurring the lines between genres has never scared her. “I’m happy and honored for my music to live wherever it is loved,” she explains. “To me, as a kid growing up, we were always so desperate for the inspiration of music that we listened to anything and everything we could get our hands on that we thought was good. That’s my ultimate goal: that people like my music for what it is, and hopefully think it’s good, no matter where it lives.” For the rest of the year, that music will do a lot of living on the road

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