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Steel Panther wish Classic Rock a happy 200th

The “two main guys” from Steel Panther (Stix Zadinia and Satchel) recently took time out of their hectic performing schedule to record a short film congratulating Classic Rock on publishing its landmark 200th issue.

Cooper hails late friend Wagner

Alice Cooper has released a touching tribute to long-time collaborator Dick Wagner, who died yesterday at the age of 71.

Mustaine keen on Big Four reunion

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has revealed he’s open to the idea of playing more live shows with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax in the future.

Nugent: Obama hates me, you and freedom

Ted Nugent has launched another tirade on Barack Obama – saying the US President “hates freedom.”

Tate names band after Queensryche albums

Geoff Tate has confirmed his band will be renamed Operation: Mindcrime once his Queensryche “farewell” tour ends next month.

Brian Jones murder theorist ‘no crackpot’

An author who claims Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones was murdered insists he is “not a crackpot.”


Axe icon Dick Wagner dies at 71

Iconic rock guitarist, bandleader and songwriter Dick Wagner has died at the age of 71, it’s been confirmed.

Accept go blind again

Accept have launched a second preview video for upcoming album Blind Rage.

Nirvana get 8-bit makeover

Music and animation duo Filthy Frackers have created an animated medley of grunge tracks from the 90s and released it on their YouTube channel.

Slash: First sober gig was a trip

Slash recalls playing his first ever sober gig was “a trip” but insists he got over the shock pretty quickly.

Ace lashes out at Kiss duo

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has hit back at Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley following a string of insults directed his way in recent months, saying: “If Gene and Paul had half a brain, they would realise what’s going on and start saying good things about Ace.”

Philm trailer hints at heavier second record

Philm have released a trailer video for their upcoming second album.

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