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Dickinson: Hyde Park is too tame for Maiden

Bruce Dickinson reckons Iron Maiden are too loud to play at London’s Hyde Park and has slammed the capital’s noise laws.

Bach sober after 25 years on booze

Sebastian Bach says he is living a teetotal lifestyle after 25 years of drinking “every night”.

Garden Music Project inspired by Syd Barrett

A concept album which pays tribute to late Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett has been released on the eighth anniversary of his death.

Leppard couldn’t care less about Hall Of Fame

Phil Collen says Kiss are fully deserving of their place in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame but he insists he couldn’t care less if Def Leppard are ever inducted.

Jake, 3, gets his own Download festival at home

The kid with the coolest mum in Britain has been enjoying his very own metal music festival in his back garden.

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