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Carrie Underwood Announces New Album ‘Storyteller’

Country radio stations all over the world received a big, unexpected surprise today: a new Carrie Underwood song. The uptempo “Smoke Break,” penned by the country superstar with longtime collaborators Hillary Lindsey (“Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Two Black Cadillacs”) and Chris DeStefano (“Good Girl,” “Something in the Water”), is what she calls “an anthem for every hard-working person,” with lyrics about escaping life’s many stresses. Carrie Underwood Receives ‘Little Toy Guns’ Salute “We were writing and kept taking breaks to go outside because we were getting a little stuck on a song we were already working on,”  Underwood answers when asked by a fan via Facebook how the song came about. “It was so beautiful outside that we had a hard time focusing, so we decided to write a song about taking breaks! ‘Smoke Break’ seemed like a great title, so we ran with it!” “Smoke Break” was produced by Jay Joyce, best known for his work with Eric Church and Little Big Town, and marks Underwood’s first time working with the boundary-pushing producer. The song will appear on the Grammy winner’s upcoming fifth studio album, Storyteller , due out October 23rd, as she announced in a video chat today.

Marky Ramone recalls meeting drunk John Lennon

Marky Ramone has recalled his disappointment at meeting a drunk John Lennon in New York.

Covered: Alive In Asia by Israel Houghton & New Breed – A Global Voice of Worship

It is always refreshing to see what Israel Houghton is going to do next. He has always been a visionary, one who calculates when he is going act on things that God has placed in his heart. Israel has expanded the aggregation known as New Breed with the Deeper Level Unconference, the multimedia RGM New Breed (with Galley Molina), New Breed Africa and so much more. They have performed in every inhabited continent and even recorded in South Africa (Alive in South Africa, which was released in 2005). Ten years later, Alive in Asia is releasing

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