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God Is On the Move by 7eventh Time Down – Seven Points about 7eventh Time Down’s Latest

1. Radio Ready This album is ready for Air1 airplay. Start to finish, each song is polished with a rock sheen that is safe and accessible while providing just enough of the band’s harder edge to keep fans interested, but mostly slowing things down enough to make their guitar-driven sound appealing even for most pop fans.

Worship For Your Family (Yellow) by Various Artists – Worship – Education

As an big brother, you be supposed to want to do my essay paper forever assist him. Not create him a marionette. You be supposed to be embarrassed of the consideration of creation him desire to “Worship” you.   

Doxology by Aaron Shust – Eternal Praise

The word “doxology” refers to a liturgy of praise to God, usually sung at the end of a church service.   But for Aaron Shust, this Doxology mindset isn’t just one for the end of a service, but rather for the end of time when Jesus returns for His people and we’re all gathered around the Throne of Heaven.   The Dove Award winning artist has been making music for a decade now, yet he somehow still finds something new to say with each record.

Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline – More Like Plebians & Peasants

After nearly a half-decade long hiatus, Audio Adrenaline came back in 2013 with Kings and Queens, albeit with a much-altered lineup. Featuring the vocal talents of Kevin Max (the other guy in dc Talk), Dave Ghazarian on guitar, Jared Byers on drums, and Jason Walker on the keys. The only original member remaining is Will McGuinness on the bass guitar.

Bloom by Audio Adrenaline – Audio A is Blooming

As one of the premier CCM bands of the 1990’s, Audio Adrenaline has gained a loyal following over the years. Though their popularity skyrocketed after “Big House” debuted on Don’t Censor Me, Audio A had a rough start with their first and self-titled album from ForeFront Records in 1992. At first, they had an almost hip-hop vibe, like fellow band dcTalk, but eventually they evolved into a rock band, starting with Bloom. This was followed by Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Lift in 2001, Worldwide in 2003, and Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. They

Some Kind Of Zombie by Audio Adrenaline – One of the Essential Audio A

After the success of their breakthrough album Bloom, Audio Adrenaline returned a year later with their senior effort Some Kind of Zombie. They returned to similar territory musically for 1999’s Underdog and 2001’s Lift. Worldwide appeared in 2003 and their final record, Until My Heart Caves In dropped in 2005.

Costly by Ghost Ship – Gospel Focused Folk Tunes

The sound Ghost Ship has built is one of gentle folk tones underscoring eternal truths expressed in relatable phrasing as comforting as the easy banjo lines. Their latest effort Costly comes from a difficult year, as leader Cam Hudson watched his home church Mars Hill disintegrate at the end of 2014. Now working in partnership with BEC Recordings, the group is undeterred in sharing their soulful worship tunes. The folk sound is consistent throughout, with fantastic slide guitar buoying up celebratory gospel tune “Scarlet” and banjo lending to the reflective tone in “Provide.” The percussion choices are simple but lend tracks

Are Depeche Mode Metal’s Biggest Secret Influence?

When Depeche Mode titled their 1990 album Violator , it was supposed to be taken ironically. The previous year had seen smarmy hair-mongers like Bon Jovi, Bad English and Poison scoring Number Ones with saccharine power balladry, and the leather-clad, synth-pop group had understandably “gotten enough.” So they exacted vengeance on their album sleeve. “We wanted to come up with the most extreme, ridiculously heavy-metal title that we could,” the band’s chief songwriter, Martin Gore,  told NME at the time. “I’ll be surprised if people will get the joke.” His skepticism was warranted.

Simple Gospel by United Pursuit Band – United By Truth

United Pursuit is a group of friends living in Knoxville, TN, united by a shared passion for worshipping Jesus and inviting others to sing along. Born in an old battered house and now found gathered in a renovated warehouse every week, the movement the group has launched in Knoxville has taken wings in ways they never could have expected. The title of the album is Simple Gospel, and the title track lays out a mission statement for the album: “I will rejoice in the simple gospel and I will rejoice in You, Lord.” The album is a combination

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