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Deftones Poke fun at Kanye West

‘”Out of respect for Pac, Big, Stevie, Michael, Hendrix, Gore is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest, just one of.”‘


Remembering Sid Vicious

‘Hear Nikki reflect on the iconic rocker, who died 37 years ago today.’


10 Things you Might Not Know about Birthday Boy Eddie Van Halen

‘Think your the biggest Eddie Van Halen fan?? Well lets find out!!’

Nikki on Eddie Van Halen

‘In honor of Eddie Van Halen – who celebrates his 61st birthday today – Nikki talks about Eddie’s influence on him and an entire generation of rockers.’


Vince Neil's New Gig

‘The rocker is heading back to the small screen’


Ten Things You Might Not Know about Birthday Boy Paul Stanley

‘How much do you really know about the Kiss singer?’


Happy Birthday Dave Grohl!

‘A look back on the rocker’s 47 years’


Craig Gass Talks Comedy Special "The Worse Comedy Show Ever"

‘Apparently he films his show in a dump? Listen now!’


Comedian Craig Gass Lived on Eddie Van Halen's Couch?

‘Comedian Craig Gass is Guest hosting with Jenn. Here he talks about Eddie Van Halen.’

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