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End of Silence 10th Anniversary Edition by RED – ​Ending The Silence Again

For Christian rock, 2006 was one of those rare, charmed years that yielded some of the most definitive albums for both individual artists and the genre as a whole. The year’s impressive release calendar included albums from already established acts like Comatose by Skillet, Testify by P.O.D., Hearts of the Innocent by Kutless, Scars Remain by Disciple, and also a debut project by a brand new rock outfit: End of Silence by RED. End of Silence landed perfectly in middle of the symphonic rock movement of the time, with

Me Without You (Single) by TobyMac – best college essay

This definitely is a great song. Great music with good rhymes but the best college essay writers can write better lyrics you know?

The Journey by West Of Here – A Journey Worth Taking

I’m guessing most readers haven’t heard of West of Here or their recently released album, The Journey. You should probably change that as soon as possible. The Journey was a surprise of a pop gem, and it’s definitely one of the most interesting releases to come from a lesser-known act so far this year. At first listen it sounded like another likeable album, but then the highlights started sticking out more and more. “Lighthouse” was when I first started noticing that this album is a cut above many others. It has a darker and grittier sound, but it’s still

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