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You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music – Yearning for Jesus

“How I love You, How I love You, You have not forsaken me, How I love You, How I love You, Here is where I want to be” sings the gorgeous bridge of “Anchor,” led by Amanda Cook. It is one of the standout songs on this compelling collection of songs, You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music, available everywhere April 22. This compilation is unique from the Redding, California based Bethel Church in that it is comprised of songs led by the female worship leaders at a women’s conference, including Jenn Johnson, Amanda Cook, Steffany Gretzinger, Kari Jobe, Kristene


Christmas is… by Mark Masri – A Summer of Joy and Truths

When I began to read “The Scent of  Lilacs,” I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I could tell that the book was going to be based in the past and that seemed just perfect for me.  Although I only occasionally read historical fiction, a book based in the 50s or 60s is just fine for me.  There is a warmth there that I don’t necessarily feel with more modern era books without being something that I simply can’t relate to.  The only downside to me, and really this isn’t a downside but a quirk, is I kept reading Holy Hill

Welcome to Daylight by Luminate – luminate to a whole new level

Change, it’s something that a lot of us have hard time coping with. But with change comes greatness, and For the band luminate, it is a reality. Taking a different approach compared to there last album COME HOME, the guys from Texas takes the sound to a whole new level. From The title track to the finale, the band opens minds to a way of music.

In Crowd (Single) by Rapture Ruckus – very interesting song

I bought this after watching the music video. the song is very catchy and has a lot of energy. the lyrics also provide a very interesting question: should we parade the fact that we are different, or try not to be “cool”?


Ghost Thief by Living Sacrifice – Expertly Crafted Album

Ghost Thief offers more of what makes Living Sacrifice so great to listen too.  From its expert breakdowns to the inspirational lyrics, the band does what it does best and delivers another solid album.  It does sound a bit similair to their previous album, and is not quite as impactful as said former album, but Ghost Thief is a good enough album to please any fan of the band or the genre.


Whole by Jessa Anderson – Made Whole by His love

If you like the singer-songwriters Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, Nichole Nordeman and Ginny Owens, you probably like female singers who have an enjoyable, sweet vocal style and make catchy, worshipful songs that make you think. Drawing from that influential pool of strong female songwriters, Jessa Anderson’s music reflects a wrestling with the unknown and daily struggles alongside catchy and worshipful refrains. Her last release Not Myself Anymore was one of the most captivating albums I’ve ever heard, and one of my Top 5 Albums of 2011. Jessa’s albums are also great for fans of mainstream pop singer-songwriters like Kate

Panic by MxPx – Perfect!

Panic is as Flawless an Album as MxPx has recorded to date every song keeps your attention! from the more pop sounding songs like Late Again to the faster more MxPx like The Story.  An amazing album by an amazing band!


All the Saints by CentricWorship – Organic Worship

The setting to sit and write this review of All The Saints: Live From The CentricWorship Retreat No. 1 could not be more fitting. An overcast day, a bustling streetscape and a steaming, hot, chai latte. If I sit with my eyes closed long enough, I can picture the collective of artists from CentricWorship playing behind me. As this album moves from song to song, it was as though it was recorded in one take from beginning to end.


Love is Alive by Jason Bare – Nothing New, but Well-Rounded

Jason Bare is no stranger to the world of music. With his third and latest effort, Love Is Alive, the singer, songwriter and longtime worship leader, returns to offer his eclectic spin on the modern anthems shaping the way the church praises God. “God Of All” opens the album with praise that invokes the masses, while “More Than Enough” shifts gears a bit and goes back to his roots as a singer/songwriter. It brings to mind the likes of artists such as Brandon Heath, who offer nothing new melodically, yet still somehow create a symphony of sounds that is


More Like A Lion by Michael Boggs – Piercing Lyrical Honesty

If you would have told singer/songwriter Michael Boggs he would one day be a musician performing in front of thousands of people, there is a good chance the former college football star, who dreamed of going pro, would have laughed in your face. God’s sense of humor sure is grand, isn’t it? A former member of the well-known 90s group FFH, Boggs took to a solo career after the group went on hiatus back in 2007, going on to release various worship-oriented albums, including both a live and a hymns project. More Than A Lion is Michael’s latest

Destruction of Kings by Devin Williams – Burning Bright Like A Fire

There aren’t too many solo artists on the Christian rock charts these days. But Devin Williams is making his ascent to the top with a sound that boasts influences from several top Christian rockers from RED to Decyfer Down to many other bands known for their catchy choruses and crunchy guitars. In other words, Devin Williams has a sound that fits right in with Christian rock right now, with soaring guitar solos, fierce openers, choruses destined to get stuck in your head, lyrics that speak to the human struggle, and even the obligatory softer moments to balance out the


Lights of Day by Lights Of Day – Leave the Lights On

It’s no secret that dance music has caught on in Christian music, particularly in the praise & worship realm. From the pioneering days of techno-worshipper Andy Hunter to the days where remix albums by Family Force 5, David Thulin and Thousand Foot Krutch have been all the rage, people love their Jesus music with a healthy dose of synth and drum machines. You can hear this on the new Hillsong releases–particularly Young & Free–and in fits and starts with bands like Elevation Worship and Planetshakers.  Central Ohio worship pastor Chris Lawson has taken his love of worship music and

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