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Kanye West: New Album Is ‘Gospel Album With Whole Lot of Cursing’

Kanye West teased his new album, tentatively titled Waves , as “a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing on it,” during an interview with radio host Big Boy . Kanye West’s Every Friday: ‘No More Parties in L.A.’ “I’m tryna open up hearts, minds,” West said, noting he was playing the record for gospel star Kirk Franklin when the description struck. “It’s the gospel according to ‘Ye. Not exactly what happened in the Bible, but it’s a story of this idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary.” West also noted that the record still does not have an official title, despite last week’s proclamation  that he’d changed it from Swish to Waves . West suggested he might return to the album’s original title, So Help Me God , which his wife Kim Kardashian included in a recent Twitter  poll asking fans which name they liked best. “I wanted to get people’s opinions,” West said of the poll

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