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Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan on Why Brexit Needed to Happen

Bat for Lashes held a webchat with fans Wednesday to promote her new LP The Bride , and when asked about her thoughts on the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, Natasha Khan was optimistic about the massive changes that are about the sweep her home country. Brexit Offers Lesson in the Danger of Protest Votes “I do believe the breakdown of the EU, whether I agree with it or not, is a symptom of a greater breakdown,” the Bat For Lashes singer wrote on The Guardian . “Although it’s painful for us in the near future, including for artists and musicians, I somehow have the sense it needs to happen to revolutionize the structures on which we build our society … It’s a wake-up call.” For Khan, the Brexit decision, fueled in part by anti-immigration rhetoric, was also somewhat disappointing, as she is the daughter of a Pakistani father who emigrated to the U.K. “I’m obviously devastated by the message that this choice has put out to the world, because I’m a product of a multicultural society,” Khan wrote. Still, while that facet of the Brexit decision is upsetting, Khan recognized that the European Union as it stood wasn’t fulfilling its promises

Hear David Nail, Brothers Osborne’s Driving ‘Good at Tonight’

David Nail has recruited country duo Brothers Osborne for the track that will lead off his upcoming fourth LP, Fighter . Up-tempo from the outset, lyrically “Good at Tonight” carries an anthemic, living-for-the-moment message. At the halfway point, the tune kicks into overdrive with TJ and John Osborne on harmony, augmented by some vigorous hand claps and an invite to “Come on and dance with me, throw your arms around me.” David Nail Talks Covering The Weeknd, Adele on New EP Co-penned by Brothers Osborne with Troy Verges and Barry Dean, “Good at Tonight” joins a lineup that includes seven tunes written or co-written by Nail. Those songs include “Home,” a co-write with Barry Dean and Lori McKenna that is also a duet with “Girl Crush” writer McKenna. Also lending vocal support: Vince Gill on “I Won’t Let You Go,” penned by Nail; Logan Brill on “Champagne Promise”; and Baer and Bo Rinehart of Needtobreathe on the album-closing “Old Man’s Symphony.” Nail, who has candidly addressed past battles with depression, notes that like “Good at Tonight,” the majority of Fighter celebrates the here-and-now, finding him in a more upbeat, even romantic frame of mind.

Can Taylor Swift Sue Kanye West Over ‘Famous’ Video?

On Saturday, the video for Kanye West’s “Famous” whipped up the typical amount of online outrage thanks to its use of nude mock-ups of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Donald Trump and other famous figures. After some blowback, the rap superstar tweeted simply and defiantly: “Can somebody sue me already #I’ll wait.” Kanye West Talks 'Famous' Visual, Invites Lawsuits Ignoring the deliberate provocation for a second — always a good first step when talking about Kanye — there’s a great question posed there. The “Famous” video surrounds a luxuriously bedded Ye and Kim Kardashian with several mostly nude celebrity replicants. Can one of these celebrities — most notably Swift, the only one mentioned in the lyrics — take West to court for splaying her contented and topless lookalike beside him? Short answer: Of course she can . The real question is whether it’s worth the effort. Asking “Can I sue?” when you really mean “Can I win a lawsuit?” is kind of like asking “Can I jump off a building?” when what you really want to know is “Can I fly?” If a claim has a non-frivolous basis in law, you can certainly bring a lawsuit, and anyone from Anna Wintour to Ray J could put a team of lawyers to work on the papers today. To start, the case would probably be filed in California, where the video premiered and was likely created

David Bowie: The Night Ziggy Stardust Met America

On Bowie is a celebration of the late, great rock legend’s life and career, by longtime Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield. The book, out now, looks at all the ways David Bowie kept innovating over a 50-year career, from rock classics like “Space Oddity” to the majestic Blackstar , released this January on his 69th birthday – just two days before his death. On Bowie looks at the different roles Bowie played in his music – the glittery Starman, the Thin White Duke, the Aladdin Sane glam stud, the blonde MTV smoothie of “Let’s Dance.” In this chapter, Sheffield looks at the night Bowie truly conquered America – his 1972 breakthrough show in Santa Monica, California. Why David Bowie Was the Greatest Rock Star Ever It makes sense Ziggy Stardust had to come to California to become a true star. The Pacific Ocean is the hole where the moon used to be – millions of years ago, the moon launched itself into orbit around the earth, floating in a most peculiar way, leaving a cavity that became the ocean. Bowie had to go there – only he could make it whole again. And Bowie needed America. Until he made it there, he hadn’t made it on his own terms – he needed a stage that grand, or else his concept would have been a flop. The kind of stardom Bowie was playing with needed American girls to scream over it, otherwise it was just an art project.

Flashback: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins Re-Record a Genesis Classic

On Peter Gabriel’s ongoing tour with Sting , the band kicks into the 1973 Genesis classic “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight” midway through the set. On opening night, the Genesis nuts in the audience must have lost their collective minds since Gabriel hasn’t publicly performed a song from his old band since an impromptu rendition of “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” at a Steve Hackett show in 1983. Well, the streak basically still stands since Sting just sings the opening section to protest the recent Brexit vote (“Can you tell me where my county lies…”) before kicking into “Message in a Bottle.” Peter Gabriel watches it from the side of the stage, not joining along. Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Peter Gabriel Songs Peter Gabriel has a complicated relationship with his Genesis past. He remains very close to the members and even selected Phil Collins as the best man at his 2004 wedding, but he’s turned down all offers for highly lucrative reunion tours over the years and didn’t even show up when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. “We had a great run,” he told Rolling Stone in 2011. “They did way better after I left anyway. So I don’t think anyone has anything to complain about.” Gabriel was willing to go into the studio in the mid-1990s to re-record some vocals for a Genesis box set since the elaborate costumes he wore onstage in the 1970s sometimes muffled his vocals. The result was an occasionally odd duet between the young and old Gabriel.

Hear Darius Rucker’s Impassioned ‘If I Told You’

Darius Rucker unleashes skeletons from his closet in “If I Told You,” placing himself in the limbo of a relationship that’s starting to get serious and asking if his lady can look past his faults. See Darius Rucker Play Jesus on ‘Still the King’ Set for release to radio on July 5th, “If I Told You” is the first single off Rucker’s upcoming fifth country album, and was written by Music Row hitmakers Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally and Jon Nite. Featuring a delicate piano melody, patient tempo and an off-beat, conversational vocal delivery, the song captures a stage in the search for lasting love that many listeners will find all-too familiar. The song’s narrator is all-in, it seems, but he’s still not sure if the relationship can survive his past. There’s so much his love interest doesn’t know, so he decides to lay it all out – things like mistakes from long ago, personality quirks and a burning desire to chase his dreams far, far away. The potential roadblocks are many, but they could all evaporate with the answer to one question: “Could you love me anyway?” “I always tell people, the first time I heard [the Black Crowes’] ‘She Talks to Angels,’ those lyrics did something to me.

See Avett Brothers’ Fiery ‘Satan Pulls the String’ on ‘Fallon’

The Avett Brothers stopped by The Tonight Show for a rootsy performance of new song “Satan Pulls the String.” The band released their ninth album, True Sadness , last Friday. Avett Brothers Navigate an Airport in ‘Ain’t No Man’ Video Scott and Seth Avett passionately delivered the bluegrass track with their full band. The performance wrapped with a quick banjo, fiddle and guitar jam session at the end. The Avett Brothers will be touring in support of their Rick Rubin-produced album this summer, with dates across North America scheduled through October. In February, they’ll play several nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the Avett Brothers at the Beach concert vacation, which will also feature performances from Band of Horses, Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Lake Street Dive and the Devil Makes Three. Earlier this year, the band participated in Jack White’s American Epic documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. White produced the six-part series and celebration of American music alongside T Bone Burnett. Related Avett Brothers Announce New LP ‘True Sadness’ The Avett Brothers Announce Major Market Tour The Avett Brothers’ Long Road

Jon Pardi’s ‘California Sunrise’ Tops Country Chart

Jon Pardi has his first Number One. The country crooner’s new album, California Sunrise tops Billboard ’s Country Albums chart this week with almost 30,000 in sales. 8 Things We Learned Hanging Out With Jon Pardi Though it has touches of rock & roll influences, the LP largely reflects Pardi’s affinity for the Merle Haggards and Buck Owens of years past — along with the recording styles of his elder heroes. “We used the same seven guys on this whole record,” Pardi tells Rolling Stone Country , explaining that he recorded the entire album live with a studio band. “These days there’s a lot of computer production, samples. . . and there’s a little bit of that on this record, but it’s much more based around the live band, and my sound has always been like that. It was a fun, old-school way of recording a record.” The first release from California Sunrise is the Top 10 hit, “Head Over Boots,” which was inspired by a trip to a Texas dancehall. Co-written with Luke Laird, the single is one of several tracks on the album with Pardi’s own songwriting stamp.

See Canaan Smith Crack an Acoustic ‘Summer Six Pack’

Last year marked the end of a legendary era, as the Muscular Dystrophy Association announced it would no longer broadcast its Labor Day telethon. Founded and hosted by comedian Jerry Lewis, the annual show began in 1966, with each year boasting a long list of superstar guests — from Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin to Betty White and Johnny Carson. More than $2.5 billion was raised for the MDA in the telethon’s almost half-century history. See Canaan Smith’s Boozy ‘Hole in a Bottle’ Video The MDA cited “the new realities of television viewing and philanthropic giving” as its reason for pulling the telethon’s plug. But this year, they’re banking on the new realities of social media.

Hear Rihanna’s Aching ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Ballad ‘Sledgehammer’

In a move that unified two seemingly different fan bases, the Rihanna Navy and Trekkies both had reason to celebrate Monday as the third trailer for the upcoming sci-fi epic Star Trek Beyond featured a taste of a new Rihanna song titled “Sledgehammer.” 40 Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time The moody piano ballad catapults the action in the latest trailer, with the pulverizing nature of the “Sledgehammer” lyrics pairing well with the destruction of the USS Enterprise. “I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself/ Oh I was sure, your words would leave me unconscious,” Rihanna sings on the aching chorus, which sports a monster hook typical of Sia ‘s work. Rihanna’s manager confirmed that she penned the track. Although the track is tied to Star Trek Beyond , “Sledgehammer” has been kicking around since at least May 2014, when Rihanna tweeted to her fans, “You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer.” This isn’t the first time contemporary music has infiltrated the Star Trek universe: In the reboot’s first film, it’s revealed this iteration of James Kirk is a fan of the Beastie Boys. That group’s “Sabotage” was also used in the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond , due out July 22nd. Related Anton Yelchin, 'Star Trek' Actor, Dead at 27 Remembering Anton Yelchin's Greatest Film Roles Paramount, CBS Establish 'Star Trek' Fan Film Guidelines

50 Cent Arrested for Profanity-Laced Concert in St. Kitts

50 Cent was reportedly arrested Saturday following a performance on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts after cursing onstage, which is prohibited by the nation’s law. The rapper was booked on charges of profanity after dropping a “motherfuckin'” while performing his hit “P.I.M.P.,” TMZ reports . 7 Ways Donald Trump and 50 Cent Are the Same Person The site added that 50 Cent’s DJ didn’t play a censored version of the 2003 single at the St. Kitts Music Festival, but when the F-bombs were broadcast over the speakers, the rapper still muttered the profanities instead of sidestepping them. That was enough for authorities to charge 50 Cent with using explicit language in public. “[Curtis “50 Cent”] Jackson was only booked to host the show, when he arrived at the festival organizers asked him to perform, he obliged and used the DJ they had there,” the rapper’s representative wrote in a statement to Rolling Stone . “Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance.

Kanye West Talks ‘Famous’ Visual, Invites Lawsuits

Prior to the arena-filling premiere of Kanye West ‘s provocative, voyeuristic “Famous” visual , the rapper spoke to Vanity Fair about the video, which features synthetic versions of West and wife Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and more naked in bed together. “It’s not in support or anti any of [anyone in the video]. It’s a comment on fame,” West said of the video. Kanye West Unveils Provocative, Voyeuristic ‘Famous’ Video “Famous” was crafted over three months and was developed with several different collaborators, the rapper admitted. While the “Famous visual” was perhaps most indebted to Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep” painting, West name-checked another chief influence, saying that visual artist “Matthew Barney is my Jesus.” Before the Forum premiere, broadcast over a Tidal live stream, West screened the “Famous” video for some of his celebrity pals. “Guess what the response is when I show it to them?” West told Vanity Fair . “They want to be in the bed.” Considering the uproar over the “Famous” video, even West was surprised by the lack of fallout from the controversial clip: Prolific Twitter user Trump has not commented on his quasi-cameo, while Swift, Amber Rose and Rihanna have been similarly mum on social media

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