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Kathie of Black Ink Crew Is A Mother, An Activist, and a Social Worker, So Please Stop Calling Her A Crazy Baby Mama

Interview With Kathie Black Ink Crew


Tiffany Pollard Celebrates Her Baby Shower But Sister Patterson Still Isn’t Buying Into Her Pregnancy

The Family Therapy Gang Throws Tiffany Pollard A Baby Shower


Juvenile Punched the Crap Out of Some Guy at a Waffle House

The rapper juvenile fought some man at a South Carolina Waffle House. Nothing good happens at the Waffle House.

Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington Spoiled Jon Snow’s Fate to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Kit Harington reveals how he got out of a speeding ticket with a huge Game of Thrones spoiler.

Blake Lively’s Positive Comments About Woody Allen Are Pissing Everyone Off

Blake Lively defended Woody Allen with her latest comments, and people are annoyed. Find out exactly what she said here.

A Kardashian Expert Claims Caitlyn Jenner Might De-Transition in the “Next Couple Years”

Kardashian Dynasty author Ian Halperin says that Caitlyn Jenner might be considering de-transitioning.

Skai Jackson’s Twitter Annihilation of Azealia Banks Birthed So Many Incredible Memes

Skai Jackson’s Twitter annihilation of Azealia Banks birthed so many incredible memes. See the best ones here.

Tiarra Channels Her Inner Beyoncé and Drops A “Lemonade”-Inspired Video

Tiarra Tia Becca Releases Beyoncé Inspired Lemonade Video

Sky And Teddy Hatch A Plan To Figure Out If Dutchess Is Cheating On Ceaser

Sky And Teddy Wonder If Dutchess Is Cheating On Ceaser

Meghan Trainor Says She Took Down Her New Music Video Due to Heavy Photoshopping

Meghan Trainor says she took down her new music video for “Me Too” after noticing that it had been heavily Photoshopped.

Tiffany Reveals She Didn’t Learn Financial Stability From Sister Patterson in the Family Therapy Sneak

Tiffany Reveals Sister Patterson Was a Poor Financial Role Model

Will Smith Talks About Jaden’s Boozy Conception at VH1’s Dear Mama

Will Smith talks about about Jaden’s boozy conception at VH1’s “Dear Mama.”

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