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U2 Now Eligible for Grammys After Pressing Limited-Edition Vinyl

After U2, Interscope Records and Apple made the band’s latest album Songs of Innocence  available for free to 500 million iTunes customers, a spokesperson for the Grammys said that the group would not be eligible for the next Grammy Awards due to the album being unavailable for purchase before the September 30th cutoff. After ‘Innocence': U2 Look Ahead to Tour, New Album With that deadline quickly approaching, U2 have sent a limited number of vinyl copies of Innocence to retailers that will be available to buy on Tuesday’s cutoff date, a source close to the situation tells Rolling Stone . A spokesperson for the Grammys tells Rolling Stone that once the record is available on Tuesday, the band will be eligible for the upcoming 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8th, 2015. “As long as the album, be it CD, vinyl or digital, is available commercially for sale to the public by our eligibility cutoff date at a nationally recognized retailer or website, then it’s eligible for consideration,” the spokesperson says. The group will release a deluxe edition of Songs of Innocence , with four additional songs, on October 14th, two weeks after the eligibility cutoff.

U2 Back Catalog Sees Massive Sales Bump After ‘Songs of Innocence’​ Launch

After the massive surprise launch of their new album Songs of Innocence  on Tuesday, U2 have seen a dramatic chart bump for their back catalog. Exclusive: Bono Reveals Secrets of U2’s Surprise Album An unprecedented number of U2’s previous albums have now entered iTunes’ album chart since the new record’s launch. Earlier this week, 24 of the band’s titles had reached the top 200, and the U218 singles album struck the top 10 in 46 countries. The Joshua Tree  from 1987, 1991’s Achtung Baby , 1983’s War and two versions of the singles collection are currently in the U.S

22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Taylor Swift

We followed Taylor Swift for days, getting all the details on her pop coming-out party,  1989 —  and learned a little about living under the constant eye of the paparazzi to boot. Here’s 22 facts from the co-author of “22” that couldn’t fit into this issue’s cover story, from why Lena Dunham thinks…

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