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Eminem Continues Career Victory Lap With 10-LP Box Set

Eminem has just compiled every album he has put out since his major-label debut, The Slim Shady LP , into a limited-edition vinyl box set with the perfunctory title The Vinyl LPs . The 10-album set — including his 8 Mile Soundtrack , his greatest-hits collection Curtain Call and his Eminem Presents: The Re-Up compilation — features a picture of the rapper with a hockey mask over his face and contains images from throughout his career on its edges. Supreme Court Cites Eminem in Online Lyrics Case The 10-LP box set officially comes out on March 24th, but is currently available through the rapper’s website. The “store” page lists how many copies of it are left online. At the time of this post, approximately 350 copies of the collection (going for $225 each) were still available.  Absent from the box, which covers only his major-label years, is Eminem’s independently released debut Infinite

Shania Twain Sides With Swift and Bieber on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

In celebration of her recently released CD/DVD, Shania: Still the One Live From Vegas , and the announcement of her final tour, Shania Twain has been making the media rounds. On Wednesday night, the pop-country powerhouse was a guest (along with former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley) on Bravo’s loosely formatted late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live . Twain, who was decked out in black leather pants and a vintage Rolling Stones concert t-shirt beneath a black jacket, played several games during her appearance, including one that had her blindfolded and guessing the names of celebrities. She also took a tequila shot from a shotglass glued to an old wooden ski, pleaded the Fifth on working with divas and revealed the things that do and don’t impress her much.

Watch Tim McGraw Talk Bats, ‘Bazoombas’ on ‘Repeat After Me’

Tim McGraw made his acting debut on January 6th, 1997, playing Jeff Foxworthy’s rival during the final season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show . Since then, he’s upgraded to TV series like Saturday Night Live and movies like The Blind Side , even landing a small role in the upcoming George Clooney film, Tomorrowland .  Tim McGraw Talks Confusing Clooney Movie This week, McGraw switched gears by appearing on ABC’s Repeat After Me , a hidden camera series spearheaded by Ellen DeGeneres. For years, DeGeneres has been doing something similar on her own show, where she sends celebrities into everyday situations while giving them instructions via a hidden earpiece. The celebrities are expected to follow her demands, resulting in Punk’d -worthy pranks and general confusion. McGraw participated in one of those pranks back in February 2013, when he berated an unsuspecting stage hand — who’d been dispatched to McGraw’s dressing room to tune his acoustic guitar — with statements like “I’m not wearing any underwear,” and, “Look at my stomach! Check it out

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