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Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best David Bowie Deep Cut?

David Bowie’s kept a very low profile since a heart attack prematurely ended his 2004 world tour, but he did release a new album in 2013 and just this week a snippet of his new song “Blackstar” came out . It’s the theme to the upcoming heist series The Last Panthers , and hopefully a sign that Bowie is plotting even more work in the near future.  See Iconic David Bowie Photos From Ziggy Stardust Era Now we have a question for you: What is the best David Bowie deep cut? We’re going to count anything that wasn’t a big hit or has since become a widely-loved tune. Feel free to vote for a super old song like “Uncle Arthur” and “Memory of a Free Festival,” a 1970s obscurity like “Can You Hear Me” and “Joe The Lion” or something more recent like “Bring Me the Disco King” and “Valentine’s Day.” You can vote here in the comments, on  or on Twitter  using the hashtag #WeekendRock. Related David Bowie: How Ziggy Stardust Fell to Earth Flashback: David Bowie Plays ‘Wake Up’ With Arcade Fire Flashback: David Bowie Strips Back ‘Heroes’ in 1996

Watch Dave Grohl Reunite With Battle of the Bands Rival Onstage

Foo Fighters ‘ Sonic Highways tour has witnessed a number of strange occurrences over the past few months: A shattered leg , a rickrolling of the Westboro Baptist Church , Foo fans covering Rush  and onstage invites for Jewel and Dave Grohl’s doctor. However, at Foo Fighters’ Memphis gig Wednesday night, Grohl once again raised the “Huh?” bar by bringing out musician and former classmate Chet Lott, who defeated Grohl in their ninth grade talent show while students at Alexandria, Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson High School, to help the band cover David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure,” Action News 5 reports.   // Here is Dave telling the back story on the battle of the bands. Posted by Chet Lott on Thursday, October 8, 2015 Grohl first relayed the backstory of the ninth grade Battle of the Bands to the crowd, revealing that he and his friends performed the theme from Footloose, but they were ultimately defeated by Lott. “Tonight, the man who beat me in the high school battle of the bands [is here] – don’t boo him, he’s a good man, and evidently a better musician than I am,” Grohl said. “Chet, get your ass up here.” Dave Grohl on How Foo Fighters Saved Their Summer Tour The onstage meet-up was a class reunion of sorts for Grohl and Lott, the son of former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott. The pair hadn’t seen each other since Foo Fighters opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the early Nineties, and the two shared a hug and briefly chatted before the performance. “You know what [Lott] just said

Easton Corbin Explains Why ‘Yup’ Was a Hard Sell

Easton Corbin wasn’t always sold on his new single “Yup.” In fact, he tells Rolling Stone Country , he didn’t really like it the first time he heard it. Route 91 Harvest Fest 2015: Best Live Photos “It’s a little different from what people normally hear from me, but it’s a good thing to change it up a little bit,” he says. “I remember first hearing the song and I wasn’t crazy about it. It didn’t really hit me.” His manager, though, knew “Yup” would be good for Corbin and continued to force feed it to him. “He had the song for two years and he’d say, ‘Let me play that for you,'” Corbin recalls. “Finally one day I said, ‘Let me take a copy of that and let me listen to it.’ So I kept listening to it and it started growing on me. I said, ‘Man, that’s a really good song.’ It’s pretty catchy.” What finally sold Corbin on “Yup” was the relatability of the lyrics

Not Sucking in Their Seventies: Rock Lifers Go the Distance

We’ve reached a strange and wondrous moment where if you’re in the mood for some Seventies guitar rock, you might end up listening to a new album recorded by a rocker in his seventies. There certainly was no guarantee things would turn out this way, partly because no one ever knew it would all go on this long. But as Keith Richards says every time he steps to center stage during a Stones show, “It’s good to be here. Frankly, it’s good to be anywhere.” The gag is that at 71, Keith gets credit for standing up. His new solo album,  Crosseyed Heart , works the same way: It’s the sound of songs not falling apart, music determined to be wobbly and solid at the same moment. There are times it lacks focus (which is to say it lacks Mick Jagger), but there’s plenty of snarl and joy, and listening to Richards unfurl Chuck Berry runs in “Blues in the Morning” or joke about his own survival in “Amnesia” is a gas. When Richards tapped producer-drummer Steve Jordan to help make his first solo album in 1988, they came off as modernists trying to find ways to extend the blues and R&B traditions they loved. Now, 27 years later, they’re closer to preservationists. That’s exactly the role Jodan helps Boz Scaggs play on  A Fool to Care , an album that yields even richer rewards and bigger surprises

Dwight Yoakam and Jack Black to Produce New Nashville Comedy

There’s a neighborhood in East Nashville known as “Little Hollywood,” but it seems the city as a whole is adopting that moniker. Following in the footsteps of ABC’s Nashville , Jack Black has partnered up with another Tenacious “D” — Dwight Yoakam — to produce a new comedy series set in Music City, according to Deadline . Titled Belles & Whistles, the half-hour show for Fox centers on a bored father who uproots his family from Silicon Valley to the country capital in search of music stardom. 30 Great Country Albums of 2015 You Probably Didn’t Hear Though it’s not explicitly stated whether or not Black or Yoakam will star in the series, they both have plenty of experience flirting in each other’s worlds. Black often puts Hollywood aside to tour as mock-rock duo Tenacious D with his partner Kyle Gass, and Yoakam has appeared on both television and in big-screen comedies like Wedding Crashers and Four Christmases . He also scored a Screen Actors Guild nomination for his role in Sling Blade alongside Americana crooner Billy Bob Thornton. Belles & Whistles will reportedly feature a musical-performance element, a formula that worked well for Fox’s long-running theater-geek tribute Glee , and, most recently, has led hip-hop exposé Empire into a second season. Eastbound and Down’s Alex McAulay has been tapped to write and executive produce, but no further details on a premiere date have been released.

Depeche Mode Singer Praises Metallica’s ‘Pop Songs,’ Talks Early Tool

Ever since Rolling Stone published an article exploring Depeche Mode ‘s influence on heavy metal earlier this year, people have been asking the group’s frontman, Dave Gahan, how he feels about groups like Marilyn Manson and Metallica. “Once it’s written, it must be true,” he says with a laugh. “It’s flattering that some of these bands call us an inspiration.” The singer, dressed in head-to-toe black, including a very metal-looking leather jacket, recently sat down with Rolling Stone for a soon-to-be-published article about his new collaboration with moody, gospel-inspired soundscape artists Soulsavers , but he also discussed his feelings about heavier music. As it turns out, the singer is a fan of groups like Tool and Rage Against the Machine. “I’ve always liked Tool,” he says. “Even when I was living in Los Angeles, when they were just coming up. In fact, the guitar player [Adam Jones] used to come over to my house a lot. His girlfriend was a roommate of this girl that was living with us, so he used to hang out with us when they were just coming up. I got to see them in a lot of little clubs, but you knew immediately they had something really special.” Are Depeche Mode Metal’s Biggest Secret Influence? As for Rage, which he calls a great band, he says he was always impressed with Tom Morello

Brad Paisley Promises Presidential CMA Awards: The Ram Report

Brad Paisley’s appreciation for the newsmakers of 2015 is the subject of today’s Ram Report. Hank Williams Jr. Plans CMA Surprise: The Ram Report The eight-time CMA Awards co-host told Rolling Stone Country and other reporters backstage at this week’s  All for the Hall event in New York that writing jokes for last year’s awards broadcast was a bit difficult. After all, the biggest news to draw from was dark stuff — namely Ebola and ISIS, he lamented. But this year, the nightly news has almost dipped into comedic territory, giving the CMA script writers some easy material. “This election has been just amazing. They give us soundbites — we can’t keep up,” he told us. “And God bless

Sony, Michael Jackson Estate in Talks for Transfer of Massive Catalog

Sony ATV, the famous music-publishing catalog that Michael Jackson bought in 1985 and used for decades as a financial lifeline, will soon be sold in full to the late singer’s estate — or the estate may sell its own half back to Sony Corp. The technology giant will “either become 100 percent owner or divest,” a source close to the deal tells Rolling Stone , adding that Sony reps will soon meet with Jackson’s estate reps to work out the terms. The company has begun what is known as a “buy-sell process,” with one source saying that “this is just the first step” for the company. Inside Michael Jackson’s Iconic First Moonwalk Onstage The catalog, which owns publishing rights for 750,000 songs, including tracks by the Beatles, Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye and many others, is worth an estimated $2 billion . It has been a 50-50 venture between Sony and Jackson since 1995, when the King of Pop agreed to merge his share with Sony’s music-publishing catalog. In 2007, an auditor said Jackson’s half of the catalog was worth $390 million — providing crucial assets for the big-spending superstar during a period when he was releasing almost no new music or making money off concert tours. Reps for Jackson’s estate declined to comment

DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks New Album With Will Smith: ‘The Timing Is Perfect’

It’s been 22 years since Will Smith  (then known as the Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff released their fifth and ostensibly final album, Code Red . But unlike other pioneering groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Fugees, the group’s end was not predicated on infighting or ego. Smith’s acting bug became a full-on fever and Jazzy Jeff became an in-demand DJ who still performs more than 150 shows a year. The childhood friends have remained close, and their reunion, revealed by Smith in an interview with Apple Music earlier this week, was hiding in plain sight for years: Jeff regularly DJs the wrap parties for Smith’s movies, with the rapper inevitably hopping on the mic to perform a medley of the duo’s greatest hits. Hear Will Smith’s First Song in More Than a Decade But this week, Smith announced the duo’s reunion with plans for a new album and the first world tour of their career. The rapper told Zane Lowe he has recorded 20 to 30 songs — which may or may not appear on the album — but the duo are taking their time in recording new material.

Eminem on Tupac: ‘He Was a Superstar in Every Aspect of the Word’

Eminem  continued Paper  magazine’s three-part tribute to late hip-hop greats with an ode to the musical versatility and emotional depth of Tupac : “He was taking things further than a lot of rappers at the time — pushing it to the next level as far as giving feeling to his words and his music,” said Eminem. “A lot of people say, ‘You feel Pac,’ and it’s absolutely true.” 20 Insanely Great Eminem Tracks Only Hardcore Fans Know Eminem writes he was 18 or 19 when he first heard Tupac rapping on Digital Underground’s “I Get Around.” He picked up a copy of Tupac’s first LP, 2Pacalypse Now , soon after and years later, he said he would still pit 1995’s Me Against the World  against any other classic hip-hop record. The rapper goes on to praise Tupac’s intricate understanding not just of his own lyrics, but where to place them in the context of a beat or a chord change, “to make them jump off track and make you feel what he was saying.” His ability to do this while tapping into such a wide array of emotions was especially important to Eminem as a budding MC. “He covered such a broad perspective and there were so many different sides to him, but the best part about him overall was that he was a human being,” Eminem added. “He would let you see that. I used to be fascinated with his interviews like, ‘Yo, what he’s saying is so true.’ He would also be able to trump people who were interviewing him when they would hit him with hard questions — it was incredible. He was a superstar in every aspect of the word.” Eminem’s relationship with Tupac’s music grew even more personal when the late rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, granted him permission to produce Pac’s fifth posthumous album, Loyal to the Game . “You wouldn’t be able to tell the 18/19-year-old Marshall that he would ever be able to get his hands on some Tupac vocals and have that opportunity,” Eminem said. “It was such a significant piece of history for me and so much fun.

Brad Paisley on CMA Awards Joke Writing: “God Bless the Ashley Madison Hack”

On November 4th, the CMA Awards return to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, with Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood returning as co-hosts for the eighth consecutive year. Tuesday evening, a few hours before they performed with Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris and Paul Simon at New York’s All for the Hall guitar pull , the pair discussed their preparation for next month’s show. Paul Simon, Brad Paisley Trade Jabs at All-Star Benefit Paisley, fielding questions from Rolling Stone Country and other reporters backstage, was positive, even giddy when talking about the CMA script writing. “It’s a great year to host an award show because there’s just a lot of funny stuff,” he said. “We had a tough time last year — it was like Ebola and ISIS. It was just not funny things, and somehow we found a funny monologue in the middle of all of that. It took surgery to do it. It was looking for the little things in the current events that you could laugh it.”   The singer, a 14-time CMA award winner, has found 2015 to be a little less challenging

Deadmau5, Nas, Run the Jewels to Thrash Winter X Games Stage

Deadmau5 , Nas  and Run the Jewels  lead the musical lineup for the 2016 Winter X Games , set to take place January 28th through 31st at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Watch Metallica Perform ‘Whiplash’ at X Games Nas and Run the Jewels will kick off the X Games’ official concert series on January 28th at 8 p.m., while the rest of the weekend will feature performances from Twenty One Pilots, DJ Snake and Kygo. A complete schedule is below. Tickets for the individual gigs are available on the X Games website and most cost $35 for general admission and $50 for preferred access. For Saturday’s doubleheader with DJ Snake (early set) and Deadmau5 (late set), GA tickets for the individual shows cost $25 and $50, respectively, and $40 and $65 for preferred; a GA ticket for both shows costs $65, and $80 for preferred. A six-show general admission All-Music pass is available for $150, while a preferred version runs for $200; the latter includes access to a private entrance, preferred viewing, restrooms and a cash bar. Preferred access to the concerts is also included as part of a four-day platinum pass, which comes with various perks at the games and competitions, and retails for $1,799. As always, though, general admission to X Games events and competitions will be free to the public. Along with the shows at Buttermilk Mountain, the 450-capacity Aspen venue Belly Up will host the same acts over the course of the week: Nas on Wednesday, January 27th, Twenty One Pilots on Thursday, the 28th, Run the Jewels and Kygo — as the early and late shows, respectively — on Friday, the 29th, Deadmau5 on Saturday, the 30th, and DJ Snake on Sunday, the 31st. Tickets for those concerts are available on the Belly Up website.

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