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Apes and Humans Just Can’t Get Along in This Exclusive ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ (VIDEO)

With great power comes great responsibility — and in ” Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ,” that power rests not with humans, but the simians. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, director Matt Reeves details the lay of the land in the sequel to 2011′s ” Rise of the Planet of the Apes . As he explains, “It’s 10 years later, and the Simian flu has wiped out most of the Earth.” The clip also introduces us to the main players in the story — Jason Clarke ‘s Malcolm and Keri Russell ‘s Ellie, who want peace. “We need the apes’ assistance if we’re going to survive,” says Jason Clarke.

‘The Mockingjay Lives’ in President Snow’s Latest Panem Address (VIDEO)

Hey, citizens of Panem! It’s just a normal day in the Districts, no need to worry, and if you don’t believe us, here’s President Snow with a message of unity and peace. Except not, because even though Snow (Donald Sutherland) is dressed in white, flanked by Hunger Games survivors Peeta ( Josh Hutcherson ) and Johanna (Jena Malone), and surrounded by armed guards, one naughty tech whiz breaks through the Capitol TV signal for a special message from District 13. Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) uses his computer mojo to let everyone know that “the mockingjay lives.” That’s right, our heroine Katniss ( Jennifer Lawrence ) is ready to rock, and now she has the power of District 13 behind her.


‘Sons of Anarchy’ Final Season Teaser: Hell Awaits (VIDEO)

It appears that death is coming to the last season of ” Sons of Anarchy. ” Entertainment Weekly has a very brief teaser for the FX drama’s seventh and final season. It shows Jax Teller ( Charlie Hunnam ) taking a solo nighttime ride as his hooded face flickers into a skull and back, a la Ghost Rider. The imagery invokes creator Kurt Sutter’s inspiration for the series, Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” – in this case, the graveyard scene with Yorick’s skull. It’s an apt reference, since [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] that scene follows the death of Ophelia and “Sons of Anarchy” Season 7 will pick up after the murder of Jax’s wife Tara (Maggie Siff) at the hands of his mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal).

Here’s a Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ (EXCLUSIVE)

At this point, our excitement levels for ” Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ” is probably classifiable as “inhuman.” The Matt Reeves-directed sequel to 2011′s surprise critical and commercial smash ” Rise of the Planet of the Apes ,” which takes place 10 years after the events of that first movie, while planet Earth is slowly transitioning from on being ruled by humans to a world controlled by primates, opens later this week and it looks like a corker . Most of this is due, of course, to the staggering work of New Zealand effects-house Weta, who once again bring their artistic precision and technical expertise to the forefront. With this exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, you’re let in on how they brought these apes to life. “As ‘Dawn’ begins, the feeling is that it’s the dawn of a new species,” Reeves states at the beginning of the piece, once again sporting his patented 18 th Century fop fashion sense (where does he get those bow ties?) “The thing that has happened between ‘Rise’ and our film is that Weta has taken a quantum leap forward.” And for Weta, a quantum leap is pretty sizable indeed


Jessica Alba Gets Her Crazy On in New ‘Sin City 2′ Clip (VIDEO)

Next month’s ” Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ” is a long overdue sequel to 2005′s stylistically groundbreaking comic book adaption “Sin City” (the comic book creator, Frank Miller, ended up co-directing the film with Robert Rodriguez, as he does again here). The first film was bold and provocative, plunging you neck-deep into the seedy world of cops, criminals, dangerous women, and straight-up psychopaths, but in a way that was dizzy and fun, rendered in starkly black-and-white comic book compositions. It was film noir writ large. And “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” looks bigger, bloodier, and even more brutalizing, if this new clip is any indication. The brief clip (running a little over a half-a-minute) is centered around Jessica Alba ‘s character Nancy, who appeared in the first film both in flashback (when she was terrorized by a character called The Yellow Bastard) and in present day (where she has a somewhat more exotic line of work).


‘The Killing’ Season 4 Trailer: Blood on Holden and Linden’s Hands (VIDEO)

Rosie Larsen is dead, but ” The Killing ” isn’t! The dark crime drama can’t stop and won’t stop, and this here trailer proves it. “The Killing” has survived being canceled twice, irate fans, and the “RoboCop” remake, only to pop back up on Netflix with a fourth season. This is supposedly the last season, but we’ll believe it when we see it. Without further ado, here’s the trailer for the fourth season, which picks up where the third left off.


The ‘Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda’ Teaser Promises a Battle of Ridiculous Proportions (VIDEO)

While “Sharknado 2: The Second One” has been getting all the attention ahead of its debut later this month, Syfy is proving that its penchant for ridiculous creature features knows no bounds with a new trailer for “Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.” This is actually the second film in the “Sharktopus” saga, this first one starring Eric Roberts and featuring a group of scientists that engineer a half shark, half octopus for use by the U.S. military. Naturally, the genetically modified beast becomes sentient and breaks free from its captors, leading to lots of bloody shots of humans getting gobbled before Sharktopus is eventually destroyed. But apparently, the creature wasn’t entirely wiped out — or perhaps he had a brother


This 3-Minute ‘Sharknado 2′ Clip Will Put You In the Mood (For Sharknados) (VIDEO)

Between ” 22 Jump Street ,” ” How to Train Your Dragon 2 ,” and ” Transformers: Age of Extinction ,” the summer movie season has been largely defined by sequels, spinoffs, and would-be reboots. But this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the big screen, as Syfy will soon be rolling out a sequel to “Sharknado,” the instantly beloved cult monster movie from last summer. And thanks to this new, three-minute-long clip, you’ll get the sense that the wacky, go-for-broke “Sharknado” spirit continues gamely on in ” Sharknado 2: The Second One .” As a surprisingly lucid Tara Reid explains before the clip begins (yes, she’s back too): “Sharks.


Here Is Your First Glimpse of Peter Capaldi in ‘Doctor Who’ (VIDEO)

Hold on to your Tardis, because here’s your first look at Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Seems like Doctor Who is in a bit of a pickle in this 15-second teaser, and his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) is equally freaked out. “Clara, be my pal and tell me — am I a good man?” he asks.” “I don’t know who The Doctor is any more,” she replies, and neither do we. Is he scary


‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2 Trailer: Mixing Business With Pleasure (VIDEO)

Common wisdom states you should avoid sleeping with your coworkers, but if you’re both renegade researchers in the field of sexuality, well, things are gonna get pretty confusing. The second season of Showtime’s ” Masters of Sex ” is almost upon us, and if you haven’t been watching this smart and sexy show, this teasing trailer might do the trick. Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen star as researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters, and as you can see from this tidbit, it seems they’ve become their own best test subjects.


The ‘Into the Storm’ Trailer Looks a Lot Like a Found-Footage ‘Twister’ (VIDEO)

We were at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida, last week and saw that the ” Twister ” attraction was still up and running. That’s right: “Twister.” You know, the Jan De Bont film about tornados that was co-written by Michael Crichton and executive produced by Steven Spielberg (it co-starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton , who hated each other so much by the end of filming that they couldn’t even record the “Twister” ride pre-show together) that is nearly 20 years old. Apparently somebody remembers it, because not only is the ride still dazzling dozens of guests a day at Universal Studios, but New Line Cinema is about to unleash ” Into the Storm ,” which, judging by the trailer, is a found footage homage to “Twister.” There isn’t a lot of plot detail that you can glean from the trailer, although it seems to focus a father (played by “The Hobbit’s” Richard Armitage ) as he teams up with some storm chasers (including Sarah Wayne Callies from “The Walking Dead”) to save his son from an outbreak of extreme weather conditions. The “found footage” aspect comes from literally whatever camera is around — according to the studio, both professional storm chasers and amateurs will be glimpsed in the film, and the trailer makes it seem like the film will also appropriate things like school security cameras and the like.


‘Fury’ Trailer: The Killing’s Not Done for Brad Pitt

War is brutal, it’s violent, and it always end in a lot of bloodshed. That’s the lesson imparted to a new recruit by Brad Pitt in the trailer for ” Fury ,” a World War II drama directed by David Ayer. Pitt plays the leader of a five-man tank crew, which he’s vowed to keep alive.

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