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Kanye West Blends Sacred and Profane on Startling, Gospel-Inflected New LP

The last era-atomizing, margin-stalking, race-commentating auteur to commandeer local movie theaters with an unprecedented event ended up falling flat. That was Quentin Tarantino during the 2015 Christmas holidays, with his 70mm Panavision Roadshow engagement of the slight genre exercise The Hateful Eight , which did not cause much of a ruckus at the box office or on social media or anywhere else, for that matter.  Such was not the case with Yeezy Season 3, Kanye West ‘s livestreamed Madison Square Garden debut of his new album,  The Life of Pablo . See Photos From Kanye West’s Wild New York Album Launch Kanye’s theater takeover — I watched with a full house at the Regal Brier Creek Stadium 14 in Raleigh, North Carolina — was far more festive. In fact, as I got out of my car, two young white gentlemen who appeared to be college students put their arms around each other and shouted, “All Hail Yeezy!” The anticipation of hearing actual new Kanye West music had wiped clean the offensive inanity of West’s recent outbursts on Twitter, America’s national dry-erase board of brain farts. Intro-ing the album, which he played from a laptop next to the soundboard on the Garden floor, West said that if we liked any of the songs, “please feel free to dance,” but that might’ve been the strangest thing he said all night (even more strange than that whole winged-mom video-game digression ) because Pablo , except for one outlier — the house-music blur of “Fade” — is a stark, sparse, ghostly journey of mourning (and weakness) from a wounded, searching artist who insists on painting himself as a Barnum-blowhard marketing genius and martyr. As demonstrated on Pablo , he remains a peerless, fascinating retro-futurist romantic who practically yanks feels out of drums and wires. Like Yeezus , the album has 10 songs and clocks in at around 40 minutes, but the mood it carefully sets is decidedly less abrasive or declamatory. West contends that it’s a “gospel” album, and the opening track, “Ultra Light Beams” even enlists gospel crossover superstar Kirk “Stomp” Franklin to heighten the intensity of the occasion. But for West, gospel basically means forgiveness and family, regret and betrayal. He’s the sinner who’s always “apologin’,” as he once put it.

Metallica give further details on Back To The Front

Metallica have given more details of an upcoming book celebrating the 30th anniversary of Master Of Puppets.

Jeff Beck sets 50th anniversary date in Hollywood

Jeff Beck will celebrate his 50 years in the music business with a show at the Hollywood Bowl in California this year.


Kanye West’s Surreal Album Launch: Fashion and Music Collide

A common complaint among fashion insiders is that Fashion Week has grown into too much of a spectacle – more about Instagram clout and celebrity appearances and street style photographers than the art of the clothes. Many of those same tony insiders have mixed feelings about Kanye West, the rapper and designer who’s point-blank refused to accept that he can’t be part of their world. Today, he issued a clear reminder that he’s so influential that no one can hope to ignore him and remain relevant. 40 Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time Few Fashion Week spectacles could compare to West’s presentation for his Yeezy Season 3 line, held on an unforgivingly frigid New York afternoon at Madison Square Garden – the arena where he last performed two sold-out nights in 2013 during his Yeezus tour. Staged in tandem with the premiere of his forthcoming album, The Life of Pablo , and broadcast in theaters worldwide as well as on Tidal, it was so ambitious an event that it threw off the Fashion Week schedule.

Kanye West to Release Video Game About Mom Going to Heaven

On Thursday, Kanye West  debuted his seventh album, The Life of Pablo , during his premiere of the “Yeezy Season 3” fashion line  at Madison Square Garden, but he also unveiled a surprise bonus preview. Towards the end of the show, he took to the mic and announced a new video game called “Only One,”  named after the song written about his daughter North from the perspective of his late mother, Donda West. Watch Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album Livestream “I worked on a video game and I wanted to show y’all,” he told the crowd, as Kotaku   reports. “The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.” He also showed a short trailer of the game, which features his mother ascending to heaven on a winged horse and later with angels wings as she floats through the clouds. “That’s not easy to do, man,” he said after he seemed to feel that fans hadn’t reacted appropriately. “Y’all be acting like that shit is regular. “No you don’t understand,” West continued. “I go out to meet with everybody in San Fran, and they’ll diss the fuck out of me. And I’ll be like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘fuck you.’ That was hard to do, bro.” He then played the teaser again.  It’s been a busy week for West, whose Thursday event was livestreamed via Tidal and in movie theatres internationally.

AFI Singer, No Doubt Members to Form Supergroup

AFI  singer Davey Havok and No Doubt ‘s Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young are forming a supergroup, as Billboard  reports. The band doesn’t have a name or a record label yet, but it has already completed an album. Gwen Stefani: ‘I Have Enough for Probably Two Albums’ AFI released their latest album, Burials , in October 2013. The group played their first show in four years  a month before the album’s release. More recently, the band performed at Austin City Limits Fest in 2014, where it made Rolling Stone ‘s “10 Best Things We Saw at Austin City Limits Fest 2014.” To celebrate its 25th year, AFI announced on Facebook that it will be releasing a limited edition shirt and lithograph each month in 2016, based on an AFI song the band will pick. No Doubt toured throughout 2015, including performances at Chicago’s Riot Fest, San Diego’s Kaaboo Festival and the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert. But the latter half of the year, singer Gwen Stefani has made more headlines with her solo work as well as her personal life

Katy Perry in ‘Research and Development Phase’ of New Album

Katy Perry  is loosening up her typical schedule when it comes to how she approaches album-making. 20 Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2016 “I do my records in a more traditional way, where the cycle is three years, so that once I start writing them, I know exactly where I’ll be in spring of 2018. That can be a little bit like ‘Ugh,'” she told the New York Times  in a new interview. “I need a little bit more freedom, especially when I’ve been doing it for this long.” The singer did, however, reveal that she’s reached a certain point in making a new album. “I’m in the research and development phase,” she said, adding that the “eight or nine years” she’s spent in the spotlight can take its toll. “So right now I’m taking a little time. I don’t want to jump on any trends. I just need to evolve.” However, last May, Perry’s manager Steven Jensen said  the new album would be released “by 2016,” which contradicts the singer’s recent assertions. Her potential forthcoming album made Rolling Stone ‘s ” Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2016 .” Perry was also asked about her lack of Grammys (she’s been nominated for 13, but has never taken one home) and if she’d be “gunning to be up there next year.” The singer answered by expanding on her creative process

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder to Beyonce: ‘Welcome to the Movement’

Beyoncé once again broke the Internet when she released “Formation” Saturday. People on my Facebook timeline have talked about almost nothing else for the last few days. Is this Queen Bey’s #BlackLivesMatter anthem? Maybe. What I do know is that the Queen is an expert at encouraging some of us black women to love on ourselves, exactly as we are, just a little bit more. For me it’s clear Beyoncé sees herself as a part of the movement for black lives, and believes that black lives matter — and ultimately, that’s what matters

Watch Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album Livestream

Kanye West is livestreaming his Madison Square Garden listening party for his seventh album The Life of Pablo on Tidal. The event begins at 4pm EST. Inside Kanye’s Parking Lot Party to Launch Fashion Zine West announced the listening party in late January, when the album was titled Swish . While it’s unclear if West will perform at the event, his collaborator, conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft, will headline the event. The listening party will also double as the debut of “Yeezy Season 3,” his latest fashion line. He premiered the corresponding zine for the line in a parking garage Wednesday night where scans of the issue were projected on the walls. Even with the livestream available online, the event will also be streaming at theatres internationally .



Former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe has released a video for the song, Goin’ Down With The Ship , from the album, Blackout States , Monroe says, “The song is not necessarily about sailing or seamanship as such – it’s basically about us getting on the tour bus and hitting the road with our band. Ville Juurikkala, who shot the videos for Ballad Of The Lower East Side , Stained Glass Heart and Old King’s Road , has done this new one, too. It was pretty easy to make and includes some footage shot by the band while we were on tour. “I think the video has a good vibe and we’re all happy with the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy it.” Blackout States was released in 2015 through Spinefarm. Michael Monroe on tour: 2/11: Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey 2/12: Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey 2/13: San Jose, CA @ Rock Bar 2/16: Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater 1984 2/17: Cambridge, MA @ Middle East 2/19: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater 2/20: Asbury Park, NJ @ Wonder Bar 2/22: Miami, FL @ Monsters of Rock East Cruise

Explore the Wild Fashion of Seventies NYC in New RS Mini-Doc

Nile Rodgers , the Strokes ‘ Albert Hammond Jr., author Fran Lebowitz and more reminisce about the style of the early Seventies in the second installment of 1973: Shaping the Culture , a new video series from Rolling Stone , presented by HBO’s new show Vinyl. Relive the Gritty Glory of CBGB in New RS Mini-Doc “What’s great about ’73 is that, everybody forgets this, but kind of that pimp look,” Please Kill Me author Legs McNeil says. “That whole kind of Isaac Hayes, Shaft look. And the white guys made glam out of it … You gotta remember that men’s fashions were really ugly. When punk came, it was sort of like, ‘Fuck that.'” Rodgers talks lovingly about the hottest spot in New York City for clothing at the time: Granny Takes a Trip, the famed London boutique that opened up on St. Marks Place and became the official purveyor of platform boots and other fads of the era. The mini-doc also looks at the androgyny of clothing at the time thanks to artists like David Bowie and the New York Dolls.

Olivia Sonia – ‘Victory In Christ Jesus’ album review

Olivia Sonia ’s debut EP, Victory In Christ Jesus , comes out of the gate strong with “Victory,” declaring the budding artist’s mighty pipes and vocal control. It’s not like she’s new to this game, as Olivia’s New York upbringing has given her access to enjoy opportunities like joining forces with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir , among others. Her talents audibly go beyond the regional, however—accompanied with the funk-and-soul of the opening track, to the heartfelt gospel worship-ballad, “Remain In Me”—we won’t be surprised to hear and see more from her on national stages in no time. Fans that tend to lean toward a more pop-appeal will enjoy Olivia’s Beyonce -tinged timbre, especially when she reaches for a higher range on the first two songs. This EP has it all, with the exception of more than just three tracks—so, be on the lookout for this next gospel music star, and for more original music soon. > Listen | Buy

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